Monday, July 9, 2012

RG by the Week: 38 Weeks

First of all... Late Happy 4th of July!!! Did you see the awesome post my hubby did about our fun Fourth of July (technically 3rd)? If not you should go check it out!! I was out of town and had no idea he was going to take over my blog but I'm happy he did- he's much better with words than I am and thats the truth! 
Also, I do realize I have missed a few of RG's weekly posts and plan on catching up as soon as possible but I wanted to go ahed and post this one while it was still fresh on my mind. Enjoy! 
July 3-9

Stats: sorry, Ill have to get back with you! 
Check out that fuzz on her head in the pic to the right!

First time cousin Paul has held you! 
Milestones/ Firsts:
Playing in the Rain
WAVING! you did this for the first time when we were at dinner on thursday night- there was a little girl (probably about 7 or 8) at a table across from us... she was waving to you and you looked right at her and waved back.  I have only seen you do this one other time so far.  
you have found the door stops and think they are so much fun!!
you have also discovered the toilet... and that there is water in there-- you really want to play in it... :-/
not really a first- but you are now standing for about 5-8 seconds alone!!! 
first race!
You have stayed in the church nursery here at FH Church twice- both times they have commented on how well you play and entertain yourself!
 left: watching the fireworks from the patio at the beach! Right: You and Mari hanging out

you pulling up and getting into everything
this is your version of crawling- right knee down left leg pushes... both arms up! 
Behavior/ Loves:
As usual you are just such a happy baby! You have really loved learning to explore some more on your own via crawling or being walked around.  You want to walk so bad! Sometimes when get frustrated you will clench your fist, make an angry face and grunt.  I feel bad that you are at the stage now where I feel like you want to be so independent yet you don't have words to express what you want to.  Daddy and I have started using some baby signs with you and are hoping that soon you will start to learn and use them.  
You loved standing up at the coffee table at the beach and cruising around it. You also loved to hit the top of the glass and listen to the noise it made.  You fell asleep on our long boat ride and though you don't love your life vest you still enjoyed riding on the boat!
You love for people to pay you attention when we are out to eat or in public.  You will stare them down and when they finally look at you, you usually grin from ear to ear.  Everyone thinks you are the most beautiful baby.  
You love to get the attention of us by squealing (at home and out in public-- can be funny!) or doing your fake cough or by squinting your nose up and snorting haha You are such a HAM! :)  People always ask us if you are always this happy... and yes, yes you are (99% of the time!) Your hair is getting LONGER and is so cute and blonde! You also love to clap! You are obsessed with shoes and will crawl all the way across the room to grab them and get them in your mouth!! Grosses your mommy out! 
BATH TIME! How could I forget about this!? (and really any water for that matter) -- but anytime you hear the tub water turn on you will look and start crawling as fast as you can to the bathroom.  You will pull up on the tub and "dance"... moving your legs and bouncing! :)
You make the cutest little giggle when daddy eats under your arms and you also have a funny fake laugh.  When you see something like gets your attention you often go "uhh" or "huuuh" in a real peaceful tone over and over.

great gpa reading to you!
after you dove into Drew's bday cake
and clapping about it
with cousin Calvin
I'm not sure how or when this happened but all of a sudden you HATE carrots!! You have loved them for so long so I'm not sure what the deal is.  We re-introduced squash (which you formally HATED -- as in would cringe and not even eat anymore) and you seem to take it just fine now.  Today I gave you avocado's and you seem to LOVE them (you had them when you were younger too but it wasn't something you just loved. ) Today you ate about 3/4 of an avocado that I cut up into pieces for you.  You really love your yobaby yogurt! If I accidentally give that to you before you other food you don't take your food well so I have to save the yogurt for dessert :) 
You are still eating two meals a day and eat anywhere from 3.5 oz to 10+oz of food per meal. 
You are nursing ever 4 or 5 hours during the day now and during the night I still prefer to nurse you when you wake up. 
Speaking of nursing--- TMI Alert-- you have started to like to be an "acrobatic" eater (for lack of better words) ... I usually nurse you laying down and now that you know how to pull up on things and climb you are wanting to climb all over me and stand up and lean over me to nurse... you are a hoot!
your first time playing in the rain- you LOVED it!! 

This week you have been better about putting yourself to sleep.  All of your life I have nursed you and you have fallen right asleep and I can just put your passy in your mouth and move you to your bed without waking you.  This week that has been a little different- usually you still fall asleep nursing but when I try to move you or give you your passy you sit straight up like you are wide awake.   Sometimes you will fold over forward onto my belly or legs or the bed and fall right back asleep folded over (and then I can move you successfully without waking you) but other times you just seem to want to crawl all over me and get down and play and you get frustrated when I'm trying to give you your passy (you have always been a fighter when it comes to sleep!) So now, when you start wiggling like that I will give you your passy and lay you in your bed.  I kiss you and walk out and more times than not you will sit up or stand up but not cry (praise God!)... you usually end up falling asleep on your tummy- I'm thinking because you sit up and just get so tired you fall over forward ha!  That can take anywhere from about 5+ minutes depending on how tired you are.  I do NOT miss the scramming and fighting we have been dealing with the past couple of weeks! You usually take two naps a day- one in the morning (sometime between 10:30 and 1 depending on how late you slept/ what we are doing at that time) and one in the afternoon (again ranging between 3:30pm and 5pm) for an hour and a half to two hours usually!!!  I'm so thankful that you have been napping so well!  You have been going to bed anytime between 9 and 11pm... (I know- we keep such a strict schedule with you! ha!) We have been so busy this summer and you adapt so well to whatever is going on-- napping in the car, staying up late, going to bed early, etc... you are the BEST baby!
ready for your first race!
going to your first race! 
helping mamma take out the trash
4th fun!

so obsessed with this cutie in her stars and stripes!

our 4th
you are wearing everything from 0-3 to 6-9 months... I would say most outfits that are six months fit best. Size two diapers still.

someone has to be the captain! :) 

eating wayyy too much sand probably

sandy baby!
Favorite Moments:
Celebrating your 1st 4th of July on the 3rd with Daddy and I and our friends and on the 4th by eating lunch at the country club with the family then heading to the beach.  
Playing at the beach with you. Seeing Great Gma and Gpa L -- and watching Great Gpa read to you!
Swimming with you at Drew's 1st birthday party and watching you try and show him how to get into his birthday (smash) cake.  You didn't seem to have a problem getting messy one bit!
Our morning cuddle time that is becoming fewer and further between but its soo special to me! 
Watching you become better at crawling and getting into things :)
belly sleeping
doing a little shopping with daddy
Most Challenging:
Not too big of a challenge ... yet... but you are really getting into things like crazy! I can't keep your books on the shelf!
You hate having your diaper changed... I seriously don't know what the deal is- your daddy thinks you hate laying on your back because the first 6 months of your life thats where you were 99% of the time ha!
You get sad when mommy leaves you- even when its with daddy, but as soon as he starts playing with you you are fine.
Sometimes getting you to sleep can still be a little challenging but its getting better I think.
Being on your back. period.  
grabbing cheese fries
 Looking forward to:
more fun moments with you learning and growing! :) 
perfecting that pouty lip Miss Drama Queen ;) 
practicing her fake cough with her tongue curled and all
Mommy Moments:
we have taken more trips together without daddy (to the beach) and I still don't know how single moms do it-- ya'll rock! I get so exhausted when I don't have an extra set of hands to relieve me at some point!


  1. What a great recap! I enjoy all the pictures you post, especially the ones of her playing in the rain. She seems to be growing and changing daily now!

  2. So so sweet! Savannah crawls like that too...she's fast!


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