Monday, January 17, 2011

big news!

It seems as though I have been waiting FOREVER to share this big news with all of you! There are just certain people that we wanted to make sure knew *family* before we posted something online :)

(no I am not pregnant so you can stop sweating!) haha

The BIG NEWS is ................................that K got offered a job after his interview last week.  Thanks for all of your prayers & thoughts! It was a LITTLE intense- they made him have a physical, do a physical agility test, a drug test, and who knows what else... but hey- they called him the next day to offer him a job!! 

He is going to be a merchandiser for the fifth largest Beer distributor in the country!  He will be in charge of setting up displays and such but not delivering.  This company has a greater potential for growth than where he was previously and hopefully the management will be a little LOTS more competent. 

Hubs- I am so very proud of you and working hard for what you want!! You have such strong ethics and beliefs and I just love that about you! I love that you work hard whether or not you are in a job that you love or that you hate and whether or not it is your last week- you always give your ALL at EVERY thing that you do and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that about YOU!! There are so many reasons I love you but those are just a few! Cheers to you baby! MUCH love!!
Your PROUD Wifey! :)    
love u K!

PS- I have no idea if we will get discounts or free beer but that too would be a nice perk :)


  1. Ok.. have I told you how much I love your picture in your blog title? Every time I visit, I have to look at it. *sigh*

    Now that I have freaked ya out a little...... Go, Hubs!! I am sure you are supa proud!

  2. That is so exciting sweetie!!!! Tell him big congrats!!!

  3. Hooray Karl! Very happy for you guys! When I told Brian he wanted to know about discounted beer too.


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