Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Addictions

(I realize that I almost always start a post with "okay" or "soo"... SO, I'm going to attempt to change my old ways--- sorry for the randomness! Does anyone else do this???) 

Okay,So... Anyways, I have another confession to make! I'm not sure if this is all coming about because of this week's Top Two @ Taylor's blog or WHAT ... well, probably not because this has been going on for some time... but anyways here goes.

I have a CRAZY STRANGE addiction to BWW or Buffalo Wild Wings for those of you not so familar with the most amazing boneless wings EVER!
Seriously though, I could eat at that place almost every night and get the same thing and be happy as a lark!! We went there for dinner on Monday night and I got my usual: 4 boneless Hot BBQ and 4 boneless Carribean Jerk followed by a Dr. Pepper with Lime (duh!)
and here we are, Tuesday and I can NOT seem to get the idea of going to dinner there off of my mind!! AHHH I'm dying for more wings, my tummy is just a-rumblin' thinking of it right this very moment! My poor hubby is even getting tired of wings and he LOVES wings just like any other wing-lovin man!
What have I done to deserve this!? hahah
(and just fyi am NOT preggers ha)

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  1. hahah, I love sad the closest one to us is like 45 minutes away.grrr. oh and I totally start my blogs off with "well", or "sooo"...guess its just out of habit! xoxo


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