Friday, January 14, 2011

I win!

AHHHH I am just SO excited that I had to share!!
I just won my first giveaway EVER!!! Wahoooo :) Thanks so much to Houghtons Happenings for a wonderful giveaway!! I won some ADORABLE baby hair clips and headbands from "My Little Pixies!
Can't tell you exactly what I am going to be doing with them yet :) Maybe save them for our future baby girl? Maybe a gift to a sweeeet baby girl in my life! We shall see!

Thanks again, Stephanie! You might have just inspired me to do my first giveaway soon!


  1. yay! So exciting..I haven't won a giveaway yet so I'm sure when I win my first one I will be just as excited as you!! :) Oh and he clips are just adorable! xoxo


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