Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

in bullets:

  • came home from work, fell asleep (napped) around 5:30pm and didn't wake up till around 8:30pm ha!
  • hubby fixed me a plate of food that I didn't even eat that night because well... I slept through dinner and wasn't hungry when I woke up ha!
  • had to take the stupid ESL test at 7:30am... not how I want to spend my saturday at that time
  • came home and hubby surprise me by taking me to one of my alllll time fav. resturants! Hang Out Deli!! 
  • had some great phone convo's with people I love... got caught up on each others lives :)
  • went to B&N and got some new books I am so excited about reading!
  • lazied around here... and really enjoyed our time together because this was the first time in a million years hubs and I have been off allll weekend together!! sooo nice!
  • ate Jason's for dinner for a Hot Date!
  • "slept in" till 7am! 
  • went to church at 11
  • lunch with tara and rk at Rosas mmm! 
  • dinner @ El Fenix with Kris and Erin mmm! (I swear we do more than eat!)
I'm super lame and haven't been taking pictures... honestly I am not sure where my camera is at the moment... maybe I should get on this! Sorry for the boring-no-picture-post :( 

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