Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

This weekend K and I had a blasty blast! Take a look at the quick review :)


Went to Grapevine, TX for some amazing wine testing... the waitress broke a glass at our table before we even had any wine so it was destined to be an eventful night :)
Here are some pictures from the wine bar D'Vine Wine
sorry the quality is yuck- you can thank the droid camera :)

Janna, K, Kendall, & Mel

Mel, Jake & I

Don, Jon, Janna, Kendall, Mel, Jake & I
 After a little wine tasting we went over to a Mexican restaurant and enjoyed some delicious drinks and food! And some enjoyed a little old school gaming :)
Jake schooled K in PacMan (those are K's words!)

this is for my stepmom :) Love the Modelo :)

Had some great friends over to our place- they brought some pizza (Papa John's- our fav!) and we played a super intense game of Cranium!!
Guy's vs. Girl's and yessss the girls WON!!! :) 
Too bad we didn't take any pics :( Thanks Kris and Erin for the company and food!!


Did nothing. K had to work :( So I did exactly nothing!

Well today is Monday... BUT its MLK day and for us that means NO SCHOOL!!! I can not tell you how amazing it was to wake up this morning at 5:30am, quickly freak out about having to go to work, wake up a little bit and realize that I didn't have to go to work today and then literally THANK GOD for a day off!!!! :) Too bad again K has to work. ugh.  I can not wait until we had a day off together!

Hope you are enjoying your Monday!


  1. I LOVE wine tasting, we've been in GA and can't wait to go back!

  2. ahh I've never done a wine tasting I've been nagging my bf to take me haha maybe I'll get to go looks like so much fun :) xoxo


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