Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Georgia, Georgia! :)

This weekend our little family of three made a trip to meet my mom, stepdad and sister {almost} halfway between their house and ours.  As you can see from the pictures we had a BLAST!! :) 

we did a whole bunch of hanging out at the hotel :) 

this girl obviously already has a love for diamonds :)
this face cracks me up!
with auntie aj
holding hands
toes... AJ's and RG's 

 looking at Pop

and we went to the World of Coke-a-Cola! 
It was so much fun!! You could tour and view Coke being bottled (see some pics below).  This particular place bottled about 120 Cokes per minute (at a much slower rate than normal for easier viewing of process) - most normal plants bottle about 1,220 bottles per minute!  As the cokes are bottled, they are on a conveyer belt to the exit of the tour where you can pick up your own bottle of Coke to drink or take home with you.  They also had a tasting section where you could taste different Coke products from all over the world-- some were hits and LOTS of them were misses ha! 

right outside "The Vault" where the TOP SECRET recipe is stored !
Our family with one of the coke guys but the lady cut his head off... see next pic.
and now she cut RG out. sigh
with the Coke polar bear!

With Grandma Lala
the tasting room (see the Coke's on the belt up top?- they are real bottles of Coke and were moving)
close up of Coke's
having a taste from...

Pop knocked her out :)
This is a picture of the CEO of Coke back when the "new" Coke came out in the 80's... my dad recognized him as someone that my grandpa worked for (My dad's dad worked for Coke) ... come to find out this was the man that hired my Grandpa and they were really good friends :) 
AJ putting RG to sleep
just hanging out 
where you pick up your coke at the end of the tour

We also went to the FAMOUS "Varsity" restaurant. They claim to be the world's largest Drive-In... lets just say it was "okay" and very overpriced in my opinion oh and SOOOO overly crowded!

wayyy tooo crowded!
very nice view of the city :) 

parents... look at him looking at her ha

mom and sis taking care of RG :) 
hehe :)
This was right outside the Varsity hah ("This is a good sign") ha!
Sunday, before we had to part ways we grabbed lunch in downtown Marietta- it was delicious but I already forgot the name of it ha! Loved the downtown area there, it was very pretty! 

it was VERY chilly!
(this picture has me- the last one has K in it haha) 

Like I said, we had a BLAST! It was so nice to get away for a spur of the moment trip! I love random road trips and I love my family! We sure missed my other sissy though! 


  1. HOW FUN!!! :-) You know I love Georgia ;-) It looks like y'all had a great time! We went to the Varsity when I was pregnant...let's just say that I didn't eat a thing. I felt kind of bad but when I was pregnant the last thing I wanted was meat and fried I was somewhat out of luck at the Varsity! It's still a neat place to go visit!!!! RG Is too cute and I love the black damask onesie, I remember when you got that for her when you were pregnant! So cute!!!!

  2. Awh, it looks like y'all had a great trip!! I'm jealous y'all got to go to the world of coca cola AND varsity..I've never been to either but have always wanted to!! ps love your outfit

  3. That Coke plant looks amazing!! Love all the pictures from your trip!


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