Friday, February 17, 2012

RG by the Week: 17 Weeks!

12ish lbs... I think
-shes getting a little more hair :) and her eyes are still a very beautiful dark-ish (but lighter than at birth) blue!
-she has TWO birth-marks that we have found.  1) her "stork bite" on the base of the back of her neck (the red splotch)-- she has had this one since birth. 2) one on her hiney/thigh... its a tiny freckle and we first noticed it probably around 3 months old...

First time going to church on Sunday, at First Presbyterian- the church where I grew up.  Please don't throw your stones at us... yes, I realize it has taken us FOUR months to get to church....! 
She was awake the whole time and did great- she never made a peep.  We (K) did give her a bottle during the service.  It was a fun sunday because they had lots of great music- handbells, drums, flute, trumpet, etc on top of the already great music (organ and singing!).  RG loved watching the handbells (we sat right behind them so she had a great view of them).  Everyone oo'hed and ahh'ed at her before and after church- RG, you are sooo loved by so many! :)
Read her first Dr. Seuss book with Daddy.
When she is in her seat or laying somewhere she will stain her head and belly trying to sit up. She loves being upright ha.
She also tried her jumparoo for the second time (the first time really didn't count because she was sooo small her poor little head didn't even come up high enough to see out of the seat ha!) 
RG and I (and K on occasion) started at reading the Bible together at night from the very beginning! Mallorie is doing this with her daughter and I just loved this idea so we started it also! Like she said, I can not wait to tell Raleigh Grace that we read through the whole Bible when she is older! :)
watching the hand bells 
fam after church :)
poor little thing just STOOD there with her knees locked and her toes planted into the floor the whole time haha... maybe in a few weeks she will be "jumping" ha :)
I think she enjoyed it though!
toes planted into the floor ha
about the same 2- 3 hrs, except for night time.  When we give her a bottle about 4 oz or sometimes more sometimes less. 

meh. not terrible, not great. it was pretty common for her to sleep 3 hours, wake & eat, then sleep 3 or 4 more then wake & eat and sleep a couple of more.  I think the best she did was about a 4 hr stretch at night.
naps were totally hit or miss still- FIGHTING still... she would sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to THREE hours (a couple of times when she barely slept during the day). She will rarely accept the passy now, she usually purses (is that the word I'm looking for here?) her lips together and won't let me put it in her mouth- sometimes I will put my finger on her lips and trick her (insert bad mom comment) to open her mouth and slip the passy in- she will suck on it for a little while then spit it out, I only do that because it does help her fall asleep.  She usually ends up turing her head to the right and sucking her right thumb.  She hardly ever does either if she isn't trying to go to sleep. (still sleeping in bouncer)
When we are "on the go" -aka not at home- she will go to sleep in her carrier, if we just rock it some :) ... she is such a great baby!

just like this :)
for the most part her happy go lucky self :) but a fighter when going to sleep.
loves playing on her playmat and enjoys tummy time for a period of time 
then she gets tired and goes straight for the....
thumb :) 
those adorable little toes!
has great neck/head control now and arches her back great to look up!
she loves being on her back and arching her neck upwards and backwards like this... even when there's nothing to look at ha
and like this... I call it her "baby birdie" move :)
chewing on her hands, drooling, putting her hand in her mouth and playing with her tongue- even grabbing it with her fingers ha.  She love splashing in the bath- we put a rubber ducky in the tub with her and she loved to kick it and try and pick it up with her feet.  Sucking her thumb, her play mat, and being held.  Kicking her legs like crazy. Having her head rubbed (in circles) when she's going to sleep. Reading the bible :) and any other books, especially with Daddy!
reading a chapter a night
she loves having her foot on the pages while I read 
0-3, 3 months and a few newborn outfits (size one diapers).
Her 3 month leggings are way too short- she must have long legs because her 3 month clothes are a little big still. 

apparently she has PLENTY of leopard print clothes, I hadn't realized until now... (see last 3 pics - 3 different outfits ha!)

Favorite Moments:
everyone loving on her at church, watching she and her Daddy interact, bath time and her cute lil nakey butt!

love her face here!! :)

Most Challenging:
"Dad, I don't wanna go to sleep"
Looking Forward to:
more sleep ha
here she is fighting a nap.... playing with my friend Heathers daughter :) sooo cute! 
My sweet friend Heather and RG
Mommy Moments:
hair is still falling out but maybe a tad less than it has been? not sure... ha!


  1. You make pretty babies :) I just want to eat her up she's so cute!! Naked baby but NEVER gets old! ha ha!

  2. Okay so I know this post is about RG BUT...dang girl you are SKINNY!!! Seriously! I hit my pre-baby weight but then bounced up again a little bit. I blame stress! haha! EC's sleep got better FINALLY! Hoping that y'alls does again soon! Last night I put her in bed at 7 but she's been feeling yucky so when she woke up at 830 and broke out of her swaddle I went and got her, nursed her, and then put her back in her crib and didn't hear a peep until 6:30 this morning!!!!!!!! Jesus himself must've been sitting in the crib with her last night! She hasn't ever slept that long in her crib! YAYYY!

    I just love all of your pictures! AND YAYYY Bible reading! I have fallen behind a little bit because I switched up our bedtime routine, it's now verrry quiet before bed to calm her down SO I need to move Bible reading to another time! And don't feel bad about not going to church for this long, we haven't either! At least you're getting to go to a familiar home church! We're having to find a church which is proving pretty hard up here. It's no Waco that's for sure! We're used to having a church on every corner! ha!

  3. Love all the pictures! My daughter has a "stork bite" too, I think it's cute. That's awesome that she likes tummy time, she looks really strong.


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