Sunday, February 26, 2012

RG by the week: 18 weeks!

the was one of the FEW good pictures I got this go round.... I nearly spent a "whole roll of film" trying to coax this little angel into smiling or even looking at the camera... she definitely becomes a little shy up when it comes out these days!

Maybe going a little longer between feedings compared to last week. Maybe 2 1/2-3 hrs. Sometimes nursing longer too. About 10-15 minutes.

We had a couple of really good 5+ hour nights, the rest were 3-4 hrs.
Naps on avg 30-45 mins every hour or two hours.
Slept almost the whole way to Georgia and back home.

love her sweet demeanor when shes just waking up
Her first nap in her pack-and-play... sucking her thumb ha
daddy trying to get her to sleep and she's playing and blowing bubbles
Lots of fun! Back to blowing lots of bubbles and kicking her legs like crazy! Enjoys lots of attention.

Pretty much done with all things newborn minus a couple outfits- her monogramed onesie still fits as does her Baylor onesie with the fabric flower on the front. Other outfits are skin tight. She fits nicely into most 0-3 and some 3 month outfits. She wears the pumas that heather gave her all the time as well as her pink uggs. Her tan uggs are too small as are her pink ballet slippers she came home from the hospital in (& they swallowed her then!) she has also outgrown some headbands- who's surprised with her head measuring in the 90th percentile at birth ha.

Favorite Moments: 
Cuddle time, bath time

Most Challenging:

can't think of anything

Chewing fingers, being talked to, baths, sucking her thumb, bring pushed on her stroller

Looking Forward To:

I'm just enjoying every moment! 

Mommy moments:

same... just my hair :-P

First valentines day- We hung out with GGdaddy and Donna at their house then went out to eat at K's favorite Mexican restaurant with his dad, my stepmom and my brother and his friend. Our friend Louis was working and gave us women flowers and even gave RG a chocolate rose :) 
First flower- from Daddy & valentines chocolate heart sucker from Louis
Grabbing her legs intentionally

Starting to talk more
Scout meeting
Time in Atlanta
First time through mountain region of SC
Ate/Sucked on a lemon

trying the lemon...

haha she loved it! can't you tell :) 
this post is so late... she was 18 weeks on 2/2o/12 :)

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  1. I LOVE the lemon pictures, too funny!!! I WISH Emma Claire could find her thumb...she just makes a funny face when she gets only one finger in her mouth!

    Raleigh Grace is just so cute and I can't wait to meet her!!! :-) I think she and Emma Claire would have a great time together ;-)


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