Thursday, February 2, 2012

RG by the Week: 15 Weeks!

12ish pounds according to my home scale! :)
Her eyes are starting to turn a tiny bit lighter but they are still the most BEAUTIFUL shade of royal blue! 
She is getting more hair and I could ALMOST promise you its strawberry blonde. K says no-way, its brown.  This is still up for debate! 

RG turned 100 days old!
The one year anniversary of when K and I found out we were expecting!

-Time to roll over!! Here is the story {link}- and a fun video of her in action!- basically she did it for Karl first- after I had been playing with her during tummy time all day and her showing no signs of being near ready ha!
-Time to LAUGH... like a REAL laugh! :) We got home from hanging out with our family all day Saturday and K was getting her diaper changed and getting her ready for bed and he was tickling her all over her belly and she belted out the CUTEST laugh! I heard it from the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth and said "Was that a LAUGH!?" to which K told me it was so I ran in to watch him try and get her to "perform" some more. He started kissing her on the neck and she did it again in front of me! We spent the next 10 minutes trying everything we could to get her to laugh some more (camera in hand) but she wanted nothing to do with it at that point ha! She started laughing again Sunday night when her daddy was playing with her again... we "sorta"  caught it on video but the laugh isn't her awesome belly laugh, but more like a giggle.  I'm pretty sure her laugh is the greatest sound I have ever heard, its so sweet and fun! :)
-Walk with Great Grandaddy around his neighborhood- some women who were great friends with my grandmother got to meet RG and they loved her and talked about how MUCH my grandmother would have been crazy about RG!
-Real Mad-as-FIRE temper tantrum... Friday night before going to Sonja's for dinner- and then again Saturday night. Wheph... not sure if she just didn't want to sleep or was overly tired or what- Saturday K and I BOTH gave it all we had for over 45 minutes before she finally fell asleep- see SWEET picture below with Bunny! 
-Met baby Liam after he was born on 1/23/12
-Trip to the Oasis!

First Oasis hotdog, with Aunt Donna 
First walk with GGdaddy!
She seems to be having some trouble with "bubbles" in her belly-- I'm assuming thats the issue because usually after a burp she's much better.  She is getting really good at throwing herself backward (arching her back) when nursing and flinging her head away from my body.  She pretty much only does this in the middle of the day and not during her night time feeding (praise God!).  It is really hard on my body in more ways than one-- my arms get really tired trying to support her when she is doing this, AND she's usually still latched on when she flings her head to the side (are yah tracking with me here?). yikes. So after she does this a couple of times, I take her and try to burp her- which royally irritates her and she starts crying and screaming (making it very hard for me to get a burp out of her.)  After she burps (sometimes she doesn't because she is too upset about me taking her food from her) she is usually okay, until she's either tired of eating or "full"... I'm not sure which.  She is back to spitting up after most feedings as I'm sure you can tell from my "Favorite Moments" this week- which you can find below :) Her feedings during the day are anywhere from every hour and a half to 3 hours and she is still taking 4 oz when we give her a bottle.

A bit of a challenge this week.  During the night she is only sleeping around 3 1/2 or 4 hours and sometimes 5 (I know, I know, it could be a lot worse... I just got spoiled a few weeks back when she was sleeping 7-9 hours on the regular, like a champ!) I think she's only waking to eat because she usually goes right back to sleep.
She now HATES her bouncer (where she generally LOVES sleeping)... when we get near it she screams bloody murder! When we put her in it she screams even more, holds her arms/ hands out to her side and shakes them and arches her back- thus scooting her butt almost to the bottom of the seat.  She is quite a MESS! I got to laughing so hard the first night she was doing this (the scooting not screaming) I hope I didn't encourage bad behavior! oops! {see the video below}  It is taking her much longer to fall asleep and she needs a lot more assistance than in previous weeks where she would just put herself to sleep. She is back to FIGHTING sleep like crazy!

Naps are totally hit or miss (she hates them)... one nap is 2 hours the next 20 minutes.
her scooting out of her seat and kicking her legs up- also a new favorite thing to do!
She did fall asleep in my arms TWICE this week, she hasn't done that in a LONG time!  Once, after a feeding at K's parents house (it was around her bedtime- which is usually between 11 and 1 am depending on her mood) and once after a late feeding at home she was NOT going to let me put her down for the night, so I just held her... she fell asleep with her eyes and mouth wide open, after watching me talk to her for several minutes and her eyes slowly drifting off. It was so precious, its the moments like that I just LOVE to live for!
Seems much different this week... I feel like sometimes we are walking on egg-shells with her.  She isn't sleeping very sound and even when she wakes up she sometimes cry's when we pick her up. Her behavior has been quite unpredictable.  On the other hand though, she is LAUGHING (this started Saturday night).  She still has great moments where she will just laugh and coo and talk and of course her favorite activity: blowing her bubbles!  She wants to be held when she is sleepy but sometimes she acts like enough is enough and when we set her down she seems much more content.  I still love seeing her little goofy smiles and she is REALLY watching what is going on around her! We took her to Wal-mart, Sunday, to get some shopping done and though she was really fussy on the car ride there (we had accidentally forgotten her passy at home) once we got in the store she didn't make a peep! She was taking in all of her surroundings!
look at how long she is getting!
 Her Daddy- I know I have said this before but seriously! He got her to roll over for the first time and he got the first laugh! :)  She loves walks and looking at herself in the mirror (she just SMILES so big sometimes it cracks me up!). Anytime she spends with GGdaddy, she loves! Shes getting to where she "tolerates" being in the "moby" facing away from my body. Going on walks. Blowing bubbles with her lips, chewing on her hands or your hands ha!  Her "Sleep Sheep" and being able to see what/s going on, and kicking her legs up in the air or just leaving them straight up when laying down.
ready to go on a walk with mommy!

Newborn, 0-3 and 3months.  Using a mix of our last newborn diapers (SAD!) and some ones- I hate that the ones swallow her but the newborn ones are tight around her legs.. sigh. (the little "crabby bottom" onesie is a newborn... I'm going to miss that outfit!)
the FAMOUS GGdaddy!
Favorite Moments:
A couple of stories:
(If you get queasy easily you might want to skip the next 2...)
So Thursday night we usually always go to my favorite Fish-camp restaurant and this Thursday while we were starting to order, my aunt Donna was holding RG, and swinging her to the side and when she would do that, I would kiss all over RG (Sorry if I'm not making any sense)...we did this a couple of times and the last time we did, I got a MOUTH-FULL of vomit.  I immeditately spit it out (reflex) on the floor haha. My aunt, and K both saw it and the three of us were laughing SO hard everyone started staring at us and the people working asked what had happend. It was HILARIOUS to say the least!
Second story:
K was holding her up over his head playing with her when he heard her tummy gurgle... he immediately moved her away from his body but when he did she leaned forward and totally spit up ALL over his face- in his eyes, in his nose AND in his mouth!
Seeing her roll over for the first time, Hearing and seeing her laugh for the first time, taking a 2 mile family walk on the greenway Sunday and Monday afternoon!

 Most Challenging:
Sleeping and Eating. ugh! This week (the end of it) has been challenging to say the least.  Not that there aren't great times- because there totally are- it has just had some rough spots! RG HATES going down for naps (again.  She FOUGHT sleep like it wasn't anyones business when she was just a few weeks old and she is at it again).'

after her temper-tantrum Saturday night, she finally fell asleep, arm around Bunny and she pulled the covers up over her eyes. precious. 
Looking Forward to:
More great laughs!

Mommy Moments:
I'm sorry but I have to "document" (aka brag on myself a little)... I am down to my lowest weight since my first couple of years of college! I still have a ways to go from where I would "like" to be but I was so excited when I weighed myself Saturday (after breakfast too!) to see 150.2!!! That's 10 lbs less than I weighed when I GOT PREGNANT! Honestly, I can't tell at all- I really need to tone up!


  1. Oh my I live that pic of you two about to go on a walk with sunglasses on- it is so cute!

    And yay for the weight loss! Taking RG on strolls is prob helping along with nursing :) I take the baby I nanny on a stroll every day that it is nice out - she enjoys it & it gets me up and out! Congrats :)

  2. Okay not that this should be a surprise but DITTO on pretty much everything. Where did sleeping through the night go?!?!? And I have NEVER ever had to rock EC to sleep but now she can't go to sleep if I'm not rocking her. As for the night waking, the most she's slept lately was a 5 hour stretch and the Hubs was working the evening shift so I couldn't go to sleep until he got home so I only slept 3 of her 5 hour stretch :-(

    Emma Claire has done the "pulling away" thing as well...if it's the right side I hardly notice...but if it's the left side, woah buddy...I almost want to smack her!!! hahaha I never would but it just hurts SO BAD!

    We're getting some more intense giggles but no belly laugh quite yet.I cannot WAIT for you to get RG's on video!!!!!!!!! And omg the drool and spit bubbles! SO MUCH DROOL! Your vomit stories are pretty much my favorite...SO FUNNY!!!

    EC has yet to roll over...does RG do it a lot now that she's figured it out?

    YAY WEIGHT LOSS! SO excited for you!!! Way to go!

    Okay, this was seriously the most random response EVER! Sorry it was kind of all over the place! HA! I seriously wish y'all lived closer. Pretty sure EC and RG would get a kick out of each other!


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