Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A New Friend

This past week Miss Raleigh Grace made a new friend... probably a friend that many of your infants have also.  Meet Sophie! :)

and because I just thought this pic was too adorable NOT to share :)

I had heard many people talk about "Sophie" and how their kids just loved her but I just didn't understand how a plastic "squeaky chew-toy" for kids worth twenty dollars but I caved and went for it.  OMG Raleigh Grace LOVES this thing... she has just started reaching for things and she reaches for Sophie and loves to chew on it squeek it! And obviously, she loves to play with her feet too, now. :)


  1. Isn't it crazy how much she can love one toy?? Miss B loves Sophie (as do the dogs, so another had to be purchased!) and would choose it any day over her others ... it's crazy to spend that kind of money on a toy but totally worth it!

  2. So she really is that great?! I've heard so many great things about her but I keep thinking...how is it any different than other toys?! But apparently she is the BEST for teething babies...maybe it's time for her to join our household ;-)


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