Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have so many random things running through my head right now...gonna lay them down here so hopefully I can actually sleep tonight (that is if RG cooperates).

1) How much I miss my Texas "family"... and our "home" there (aka our house)
christmas last year
2) Just found out my principal from last year is resigning to go be with his elder mother... can't think of a more self-less thing to do... so sad for the school but so admirable on his part.  If it weren't for him my teaching career would have never started. I will forever be grateful! 

3)Baylor... WOW... SIC EM. I just can't get over how awesome all of the sports teams are doing this year... my heart is leaping with joy! As if that's not enough... Baylor has a "spread" in Sports Illustrated this issue
from BU's website
4)Both my body and mind are tired... praying for some GOOD sleep from Little Miss tonight! 

5)I am still frustrated that picnik is closing... seriously yall... I hate google for that! ugh. 
 (ummm hello project 365!)

6)My heart LEAPS with joy over how blessed I am beyond measure... I mean, family, friends, health, house, food.... that barely scrapes the surface...  my cup overflows! Thank you Jesus for my blessings!
6) I seriously have the most precious gift here on earth: 

7) My life is wonderful (even if there are bumps in the road sometimes!)... do not let me ever forget that.  Help me remember that I can't always do it all! Praise God for his eternal LOVE and Grace! :) Amen!

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  1. i'm pretty upset with Google too, jerks :) I'll pray for you to get some good sleep, but from what I recall that didn't happen for me until around 9 months :) ha!


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