Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RG by the Week: 16 Weeks!

um yea, I totally forgot to weigh her, again! or measure her... I really need to get on top of such things because she is growing like a weed!
blowing bubbles :)
She is now officially a thumb SUCKER :) Its wildly adorable to see her suck on that tiny thumb of hers. (I know many of you may think differently but I would rather her have the thumb than the passy! don't judge us!) She only takes her passy when shes going down for a nap and she really doesn't want it then but I make her take it because it helps her get to sleep :)  -- she will press her lips together really hard and try to not take the passy ha! Its also very cute and mildly obnoxious ;)

when she gets to sucking her thumb she will hold it in with the opposite hand so it doesn't get away, smart girl! :) 

Super Bowl: Went to GGDaddy's house (Jimmy, Paul, Mari, Donna, CF and Joey were there)
Diaper Rash (sad face- luckily it hasn't been too bad but it has lingered all week!)

can you tell who was the center of attention at our super bowl party? 
Doing a little better at the whole "pulling away" issue we had last week.
As for the length between feedings- that too is getting better.  USUALLY, we are making it about 2 1/2 hours... though sometimes its still one and a half.  I started feeling bad because I was told that she should be eating more than 10 minutes each feeding and so I began trying to feed her longer and sometimes it worked, but it always ended up in massive amounts of vomit.  I hear (from Nurses) that a breastfed baby will eat what they need and spit up when they are "over-eating" ... so for now, 10 minutes it is because cleaning up spit up isn't my most favorite thing to do... especially when it results in changing the sheets on our bed daily :)
occasionally takes a 4 oz bottle

Very hit or miss... much last last week- some nights we get 5ish hours (at most)... but more often she will fall asleep- sleep for 3ish hours and then get up every 2.  I miss the good ol days of GOOD sleep (aka 6 or 7+ hours).
She still fights going to sleep like a TRUE fighter :) We have had a couple more major meltdowns/temper tantrums. NOT fun at all... but SOMEone just doesn't want to miss a thing!  Sunday night for the Super Bowl she was awake from about 5:30-10:30pm with only a 30 minute nap and did NOT want anything to do with going to sleep. Crazy little girl! When we are at home, she usually gets put down for a nap ever hour to hour and a half... luckily she slept alright that night (around 4 hours)
her 30min nap during the super bowl
Smiley! She will smile at Karl and I for several minutes. She will smile at other family.  She will smile at ANYONE... even strangers.
When we are out and about she always attracts lots of attention (couldn't be how cute she is!? could it?!)... and she is at the point where if they are talking to her she almost ALWAYS smiles! We took her to get her 3 month pictures done (a little late, I know) and the lady just bragged on her so much! I can't believe what a GREAT spirit she has and how HAPPY she truly is all the time!  Sometimes when we are at home all day she starts to get fussy and I wonder if she is going to be like her mommy?:...Likes to get out an about rather than staying inside all day! She is definitely used to being held by tons of people and going out to eat, to the mall, etc.
She still CONSTANTLY has her hands in her mouth, chewing and sucking. During her photo shoot ALL she wanted to do was grab her dress, pull it to her mouth and EAT it! ha :)  We often have to change her clothes because she is drooling so much (and blowing little bubbles) the whole front of her outfit will be soaked ha!

Smiling, playing with her playmat (I'm loving the playmat... it allows me to get so much more done!), the bathtub, having her feet in the air (esp when trying to fall asleep), fighting sleep, sucking (actually sucking, not just chewing) on her thumb, going on walks in her stroller, getting in her car seat (she kicks like crazy and does what we call "the happy dance!", riding in the car, chewing on her fists and fingers, blowing bubbles, having one foot out from under the covers (like father like daughter!)

splashing like crazy!

Diapers are mainly size one's and her clothes are anywhere from Newborn to 3 months, generally fitting best in 0-3's now. This is EXTREMELY bittersweet for me! I am so happy that she is healthy and growing but I am missing that tiny baby I held 3 1/2 months ago!

Favorite Moments:
Hearing her sweet giggles and laughs.  K putting her "hair" on and posting the picture for all of our family as her as a brunette ha!
When she falls asleep in my arms. All her silly faces. When she stretches her little neck out. When I'm going to kiss her how she opens her mouth like a little baby bird (she has done this since birth almost!).
Oh and awesome "photo shoots" ha!


huh mom?
Pouty face.

Most Challenging:
I really can't think of a whole lot (very thankfully) except for her fighting sleep. It is most definitely a CHALLENGE sometimes.  Saturday night K was trying to get her to go to sleep and she had a major meltdown for about 30-45 minutes... its hard for me to stand back and let him do his thing but we are both learning together.  I'm actively trying to NOT be the "bossy" wife and mom!
Her cradle cap also started coming back so we used her perscription shampoo again and I'm not sure if it was that or what but her poor face/head/ behind ears started breaking out.
She also has little tiny acne (NOTHING compared to what we dealt with at a couple weeks old) around her cheeks and chin (I'm sure its from all the DROOL and just eating)
Her lingering diaper rash which doesn't seem to be bothering her- just me.
see her poor head (the red is the cradle cap...)...
(I can't figure out why blogger keeps rotating this picture or how to undo it. sorry. )

Looking Forward to:
Valentines Day! I don't have anything planned special but she has the CUTEST outfit coming her way :) I can NOT wait to see it in person!
and honestly... SUMMER! I miss the salt water and the sun!
ready for the super bowl.
just look at how they look at each other. makes my heart skip a beat!
Mommy Moments:
Can I just tell you how very annoying (and somewhat concerning) it is that my hair is constantly falling out by the handful?! I mean everything I wear is covered in my hair (this was already a pet-peeve before my hair started falling out!), I have to sweep the hardwood floor 10x's a day, I'm constantly pulling hairs off of RG and out of her hands. Not to mention now the drain in the shower is draining verrrry slowly! (I wonder WHY!?)... oh and each time I wash my hair I have to clean out my hairbrush... yes, I am loosing THAT much hair. NO FUN!!
Thankfully, I really can't tell as far as the hair on my head goes! My hair just seems maybe a TINY bit thinner but it i still "thick".
I often feel like I'm losing my "mind"... I lost my keys last weekend and I still haven't found them- its driving me loco!
I love being a stay-at-home-mom but I'm not going to lie... it has it's challenges. I can't tell you when the last time I spent an hour alone or even just without RG. Its a good thing I love this girl to the end of the world and back... I mean and look at her cute faces ha!

and for some fun out takes from this week:
(someone was not feeling the weekly pic)
doing a lil dance
deer in headlights.
arching back trying to stand!


  1. She gets cuter every week! :-) I just love reading about her! EC has also gotten super quick at eating. some times she will eat in under 5 min and be DONE and other times she will nurse for almost 30 min. Not eating the whole time, just sucking. Our sleep is getting a little better too! Hopefully it will continue to get better!!! I love RG's smiles! I know I say this all the time but I wish we could get RG and EC together! The cuteness would be too much to handle ;-)

  2. Allie love the updates. Try some vagisil for diaper rash.... I know it's creepy but works for some. Your hair will stop falling out I promise. I was in tears almost daily. Oh and your little RG looks like her daddy big time!

  3. Some of the faces your little girl makes remind me of my little girl (like the sneezing and thumb in the mouth photos). My daughter just turned 6 months old. We have those same jammies, I love the colors. :)


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