Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beachin It!

So, First things first... I just realised that my post yesterday, about my Daddy's Birthday, was my 400th post!! Wahoo! :) 

Moving on...

Not this weekend, but the weekend before, K, myself and my friend, Tara, all went to the beach! We had such a great time! The weather was warm but not HOT and it was so sunny! We walked on the beach, watched the Baylor men play some basketball, ate a lot, finished a book, baked cookies, and overall, just enjoyed spending some time together! This trip totally put me in the mood for summer! yay!!  

In an effort to not post 9,000 pictures I made several collages... Hopefully, this is easier on your eyes :) 
this was as we were coming on to the island for the weekend! 

I thought this was too cute- Tara had just been to disney world and brought this...:)

Because there is nothing more cute than a baby-butt! :) 
having some fun tummy time with Daddy, while Mommy caught a morning nap! :)

first time in the Atlantic Ocean
playing in the water with Daddy- she looks SO big to me in the picture to the right
first time with her feet in the sand!
sleepy little girl- we put K's shirt on her because we were scared she might get burt.  Its a good thing because Mommy did end up getting burnt and my skin is not nearly as fair as Miss RG! 
beautiful sunset at dinner (and the doc cat, "Willy")

the houses on one end of the island are washing away... its very sad! this house is almost totally under water at high tide.
enjoying reading on the dock

turning into such a big girl :)

What a tremendous sunset we had on the way home! Perfect way to end the weekend! :)

ps sorry some of these are out of order, blogger was not being my friend today :-/


  1. wow..these pictures are amazing!!! and seriously is there anything cuter than a baby on the beach? ;) I can't wait for summertime on the beach!

  2. LOVEEEE IT! :-) I hope this summer we get a chance to take pictures of TWO cuties at the beach ;-)

  3. Yay for your 400th post & Yay for the beach! Such cute pictures! Looks like yall had fun! :)


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