Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RG by the Week: 26 Weeks, 6 MONTHS!!

April 10-16

Well you had your Six Month appointment on the 17th and you had a wonderful report!! 
Miss Raleigh Grace you are 14 lbs 7 oz (25th percentile), 26 inches long (50th percentile), head circumference 43.5cm (75th percentile)! Love our sweet little "petite girl" 
with (as Daddy says) a jug head (just like her Daddy ha!) Perfectly healthy!!!
You has a blast playing with the tongue depressor the doctor gave you :)... You also passed the test he gave you of passing it from one hand to the other.  They were shocked you were sitting up on your own.

you bonked you head again- this time you face planted on the hard wood floor. You love sitting up and do not want us around to help but you still tumble around a little. 
you did great at the doctors office and even took your shots like a champ!! You only cried for a few seconds and then you were fine.  (apparently you were supposed to have a 4 month appointment but someone on their end had a mix up... so we didn't have one scheduled and I was told we didn't need one... oh well, you are still doing just fine- however, you will have to play catch up with your shots so we will be going back in 2 months at 8 months old.)
You are also getting really good at drinking out of your sippy cup/ playing with it.  You love drinking water out of a cup and do really well with that (almost better than your sippy cup!)
We also said goodbye to our good friend Grady who moved out west to work at Yellowstone!
Aunt Donna P and Great Grandpa came and visited and we went and saw your great great Pauline :)   
Great Great Aunt pauline and Great Aunt Donna 

Grady and RG (4/12)
baby food and your puffs! you love sitting and standing and you are always wiggling your feet and moving your hands.  Anything you get your hands on goes straight to your mouth! You are still working on getting some teeth but I can't see them yet... One of your favorite times of the day is when your daddy gets home.  You grin and grin and laugh... I have a feeling it will be like this for the rest of your life! 
You spent the day with Donna and Marianna on Sunday while mommy and daddy went to the Nascar Truck Race-- they said you were on your best behavior and had a BLAST!! :) 
You are reaching for Daddy and I ALL the time now-- I LOVE it sooo much! 
You are also really loving watching the Baby Einstein video that you have... you have only watched it a few times but you just love it- sometimes you even giggle at it. 
playing with aunt Donna
Reaching for my camera
watching Baby Einstein in Mommy and Daddy's bed :) 
You tried green beans for the first time Wednesday night and you seemed okay with them- and only okay.  When I tried to give them to you again on Thursday you had NO interest. You ate a couple of bites but then you were done! ha! You still get baby food once or twice a day and seem to like most everything we give you (minus the g.beans)-- okay, now you are back to liking green beans! You also had carrots on the 16th and you loved them as well!  You all of a sudden do not seem too fond of bananas... maybe that is because they are homemade and have a quite different texture? Speaking of homemade- I made your baby food for the first time Monday night- I made carrots and bananas.  You loved the carrots and didn't really like the bananas.  (The banana's were sort of a weird texture... maybe that was why?)
Daddy gave you some cherrios this week and you did really well with them so Mommy decided to buy you some "puff's".  You tried the baby "Puff's" for the first time on the 16th.  You LOVE them! You still don't have any teeth but they dissolve so quickly you do great with them.  We give them to you because your "pincher" skills aren't quite there yet- you are getting really close though! You can grab a handful and sometimes manage to get one or two in your mouth ha! 
You also love to pretend you are feeding yourself (aka chew on your spoon) ha!
Nursing about every 3-4 hours. Not eating at all through the night (with the exception of 2 or 3 nights this week).  

for the most part it has been just as good as the past couple of weeks but for some reason Thursday night you woke up around 2am demanding food so you got it and went right back to sleep.  Friday night the same thing- except for you woke up around 2am, ate, went back to sleep, woke up around 4 am, ate, and went back asleep, then you were back up around 6am... (pllllease tell me this isn't here to stay again)! Saturday night you woke up once and went back to sleep after eating.  Sunday- you slept through the night (and have since then...) thank heavens! ha!  Your naps have been pretty good- you seem to be napping longer these days- sometimes you still nap only 30 minutes or so but usually an hour or TWO! :) LOOVE this! You can be awake for about 4 hours before you really need to go back down for a nap.

0-3 and 3 months- although some of the ones with feet in them are getting a little "short" on you :( .  size 2 diapers :)

Favorite Moments:
I just love watching your facial expressions... and your giggles, and your smiles... you are so much fun and such a beautiful little girl! You are growing up so fast and I still can't believe that you are MINE! :) 

Most Challenging:
....none that I can think of! No complaining here! 
It was hard to leave you for almost a full day- 11am -5pm. I missed you so much but I hear you did great with your Aunt Donna and Cousin Marianna :) 
Mommy and Daddy at the Race.

Looking forward to:
being able to "play with you" more.

Mommy Moments:
I worked out for the first time since before I was pregnant with you on Thursday.  I just did a little cardio on the treadmill but it was nice to get back into action :)
Like I said under food: I made you homeaid baby food! :) I made you carrots and bananas! MMM!

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