Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Date Night !

Last Saturday K and I went on our first date night since RG was just a couple of weeks old (when mom watched her).  

Auntie Donna N came over and watched RG while K and I had a little fun.  Right before walking out the door, I went to grab the diaper bag... ha! I was so excited about getting to carry my beautiful purse again that K got me for Valentine's day last year!  

On the way to dinner K swore he heard Raleigh Grace in the back seat ha! Oh the life of parents.... you never stop do you?  We went to dinner at "Cosmos."  I had Lamb and a quesadilla and Karl had Carne Asada on a bed of rice with a cactus salad.  Everything was sooo delicious! I enjoyed a Mojito and he a Stella- we didn't get carded and K asked me if it was because we ordered big people drinks or because we look old.  I said probably the later ha! 

After dinner we went to one of the local High Schools and saw the musical, Les Miserables!!! When we got there we ran into K's high school chemistry teacher who is now an Assistant Principal at this school... needless to say, we got upgraded to "Reserved" seating and sat 2 row from the stage.  Not only were our seats great, the  performance was fabulous!! We had a great time just the two of us for once but we were ready to get back to our sweet little Raleigh Grace!

who wouldn't love coming home to this?! : 

(oh! and to make things even better- we got ANOTHER date night this past Monday when K's company had a launch party for a new beer that they are selling! Score for free drinks and food at Blackfinn!! We had a great night while K's dad watched Miss RG...I think he had as much fun watching her as we did on our date ha! I'm telling y'all- week 24 of RG's life has been the BEST!)

Beyond Blessed by my amazing HUBS! :) 


  1. i'm glad you had a date night!! they're always needed :)

  2. So happy for you guys & she is an absolute DOLL! Date night is such an important thing in our house, its an at least twice a month deal. Good for you guys :)

  3. What a great night, keep 'em coming! I swear I can hear my childing crying even when she's not around too :)

  4. You guys look great and I love going to see local or high school musicals. It's hard not to talk about your kids even when you're out on a date night, isn't it? It's like, what did we do before them? What did we ever talk about? :)

  5. Yay for a date night! :) Sounds like you had fun & that food looked so yummy!


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