Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nascar Truck Race! Go Kahne!

Last Sunday, K and I met up with some of his friends and headed to "The Rock" (Rockingham Speedway).  We had great seats right behind the pit's and upon arriving we all chose who we thought would win.  Truck number 3's pit team prayed in a huddle right before the race started so he picked number 3.  Just in front of us was pit number 4 so I chose that one.  Come to find out -- driver of truck 4 was Kasey Kahne! I always pull for him (if I'm watching or pulling for anyone ha) in the Nascar Sprint Cup races.  I was so excited that he was racing and that I had randomly picked him to win ha!  He had qualified 5th so he started up in the front of the pack but before the race even started he had to move all the way to the back -- sometimes the drivers have to do this when they change something on the car since qualifying- like if they have to replace the motor.  Come to find out, he had been in Texas the previous day so he wasn't able to run his qualifying lap so someone else did it for him, so even though that person qualified 5th for him, since he was racing and not the other guy, he had to move to the back of the pack.  BOO! I was so disappointed.  Anyways, the race starts and within 20 laps (of 200) he had moved up almost 10 spots!! Long story short-- HE WON THE RACE!!! It was so much fun watching and actually having the person you were cheering for WIN! ha :)
Here are a few pictures from our fun day at the race!

 Old Cheerwine car! :) 

parachuters -- they landed on the track before the race!

K's team- praying. 
Dianna and Mike

Here we go!
Mr. Handsome himself ;)
ask K said "he broke his toy" ha!
My buddy, Kasey Kahne! 
K's pick to win
coming off Pit Road
Dianna and  I

I think K should be a photographer ;) Perfect shot coming across the finish line!
Kasey Kahne showing off a little after his win :)

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