Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RG by the Week: 25 weeks!

April 3-9
This week was also a great week!

not sure, you are one week away from being SIX months old! do what!? how is this possible!!?

You celebrated your FIRST Easter!
You love rubbing your little feet and heels together (you do this ALL the time! Sitting, laying, playing, going to sleep, etc.) I might think it is the cutest thing ever! You also love playing with them.  You have even used them to play with toys this week and you have put your WHOLE foot in your mouth minus your heel and pinky toe ha! You make circles rotating your ankles all the time too!
Aunt Donna N came over on Wednesday and was feeding you and the two of you had a "stick your tongue out" contest.  It was really cute and the first real time I have seen you intentionally playing with your tongue (you haven't done it since then though- maybe thats you and your aunt's thing :) )
You are VERY intentional with things you grab and put in your mouth- and you are getting very good at that motor skill. :)
First boo-boo: Daddy was watching you and took you to the Great Outdoor store to show off and you were sitting on the counter talking with all the guys and you toppled a little and hit the back-side of your head on a mirror that was on the counter. Daddy said you were fine, and you were- it left a little mark but was gone soon and it never bruised. You are a tough cookie!
you and daddy love playing!

You are so happy go lucky but yet you are becoming very independent and sometimes the frustration of not being able to do what you want when you want gets to you.  You "talk" (make the sound hmmm hmmm) all the time- especially when you want something. If you do not get what you want when you want it you get upset and fussy.  You don't really enjoy playing alone (just like your mommy!) but love to play if I am sitting with you.  You really enjoy being held and played with and dislike being sat down (in your jumparoo for more than 5 minutes, on your play mat, or laying down somewhere).  You LOVE sitting up and demand that you sit up no.matter.what. However, you still tumble and fall sometimes so we have to be careful.

You nurse every 2-4 hours during the day depending on how busy I am keeping you and how much "food" you have had (baby food).
At night you can go 9-11 hours without eating! I am so thankful for this change!
Baby Food: you have tried Peaches, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Bananas (you love them all!)
you are also spoiled by mommy and daddy and often get a bite of table food if we cave and give in to your cuteness! :)
you really enjoy sitting in a high chair when we go out to eat (first time was last week... I think)

AMAZING. Seriously, just like last week.  We are putting you down around 11pm and you will sleep for about 9 hour and wake up and eat then go back down for anywhere from 2-4 more hours! Oh I love it!!
We also started a little "routine" this week that we do before bed-- its (with your sound machine on)  1. nurse in your room- low lighting 2. read a book or two in low lighting laying down  3. lights off and put you in your bed. (sometimes right before I put you in bed I "top you off" and let you nurse a few more minutes).  You usually take your passy and either your  bunny or her taggie blankie to rub on while you are going to sleep. You tends to talk/fuss a little bit for around 10 minutes or so- sometimes I stay in the room sometimes I dont- and you are usually asleep within 15 minutes.
both times I have put on Baby Einstein for you, you have fallen asleep for a nap! 

0-3 and 3 months; size 2 diapers :)

Favorite Moments:
sleepinnnnng! :) hehe
you have the most beautiful blue eyes! 

Most Challenging:
I can't think of anything

Looking forward to:
so happy with how things are going right now, it doesn't even matter ha! I do look forward to hearing you talk (instead of grunt ha!) more :)

Mommy Moments:
when you look into my eyes, you melt my heart! I love when you stare into them and we have deep conversations about how much you are loved and how I can't wait to watch you grow up! I tear up almost every time we have these "moments"... I LOVE YOU!


  1. You two are SO beautiful!!! I just love those pictures of y'all! :-) And YAYYYY RG I am so glad sleep has been better for y'all! EC has gotten better too which I am so grateful for! She has been going down around 7 and sleeping until 4-5am! Although tonight she was up at 8:30 :-( I blame her teeth!

    Remember when 25 weeks pregnant felt SO LONG?! Now she's 25 weeks old, that's just crazy to me!!!

  2. Lucky you, I hope my next one is a sleeper!! I loooooove the pics of your two, so adorable!! Beautiful spring dress!!


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