Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday's Spontaneous {Surprise} Family Outing...We struck GOLD at Reed's Gold Mine!

{how'd yah like that title ... it won world's longest title :) }

Last weekend K and I had nothing planned but ended up with a FULLY packed weekend.  I'm not complaining by any means, we had a WONDERFUL weekend!

Friday night we laid low and just relaxed. Always nice every once in a while! 

Saturday morning we got up and K said that I should get ready... I had no idea what was in store (what we were doing/where we were going) but he told me that he had something fun in mind and that he would get RG ready.  I love surprises and he knows that... so I was thrilled! 
I got ready (as ready as I could get without knowing where we were going or what we would be doing... I probably asked a million questions about what I should wear and if I was going to be comfortable ha!) and we headed out the door. As we were driving I kept guessing where we were going to end up but literally ran out of guesses.  
We ended up at a Gold Mine!! Literally!! 

Reed's Gold Mine is the site of the first Gold found in the United States back in 1799!! While there we went in the underground mines, toured the site, went to the museum and then before we left we had to pan for Gold!! Lucky me, I found 3 pieces of gold! It was such a fun trip! I love it so much when K surprises me with a random fun trip! Our little family of three had a wonderful time Saturday but it didn't end there!  
--The rest to come in a separate post because this one is already so picture heavy! :)

Going into the Mine

K was so funny, "I don't remember the ceilings being this low when I was little" :)
doing our little "self guided tour"
Looking down into the mine

Looking up- the hole up top is the ground level

These Next 4 photo's crack me up... Raleigh Grace makes a new friend:

"are you crazy dad... what is that!?"
"are you sure it's okay to touch dad?"
"I wanna touch him!"
:)... no it did not touch her nose :)

they have too much fun and I love watching :)

the "dirt" before being washed

someone had their own fun in the creek water :) (first time in creek water!)

my "huge" gold nuggets!!! 
okay fine, just have to keep myself honest ha! :)

We had such a WONDERFUL time... I just love doing new things, especially outdoors during the nice weather! We are so blessed in so many ways! :)


  1. How fun! I loooove that pic of her with the gecko!!

  2. SO FUN! :-) I loved seeing these pictures again! RG's little outfit is adorable!!!

  3. That looks like a blast!! I've never been to a mine before and the fact that K surprised you with such a fun family outing is even better!


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