Thursday, April 5, 2012

RG by the week: 23 Weeks!

March 20-26 (again posting  a week late)
we had a hard time with the photo shoot, someone was determined to eat Baylor!

Tried out the mesh teether and loved it 
Met Tara for the first time!
Went to her first live "concert" (more like a bluegrass jam session)
put her feet in the Atlantic Ocean and in the sand

getting REALLY good at sitting up on her own... 2-5 minutes
going to town on her mesh teether filled with fruit (or ice)

someone is getting sleepy... rubbing her eyes.
about the same- every 2ish hours... even during the night.

about the same... sleeping for +/-2 hrs at a time at night and naps around 30 minutes.
A couple of nights at the beach she was waking up every hour.... not fun!

O-3 and 3month

Favorite Moments:
Tara being here, watching the band, going to the beach and enjoying having a best friend here! It was pure bliss! Raleigh Grace touching the sand and water of the Atlantic Ocean for the first time!

Most Challenging:
still sleep...and her getting over her sickness/allergies

Sitting up, being vocal, baths, daddy, driving, and chewing on things:
My $100 teether!
getting driving lessons from tara

Looking forward to:
My mom being here for a few days

Mommy Moments:
It was so good to have my college roommate and  friend Tara with us for a few days!! Having just moved to NC this past summer- while pregnant, and now having a baby and not working- it has been really hard for me to make friends. I miss my Texas friends SO SO much and really this trip was SUCH A BLESSING to me!!

There are a TON of pictures from this week on the post "Beachin It" ... go check it out, you will be happy you did! :)

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