Friday, April 13, 2012

Raleigh Grace's 1st Easter- Recap!

You celebrated your FIRST Easter and boy did you look and act the part! 

We got up and went to church at FPC with all of mommies crew then stopped by Daddy's parents house to sing happy birthday to your uncle Martin and watch him open the "Fiddle" that K picked out for him.  We then did lunch with Mommies family- and had a HUGE photo shoot on the golf course in your attire and some in your new rocking chair.  We then went to Daddy's Aunt Barbara and Uncle Davids house.  You started to get a little fussy when we got there (I can't blame you) -- it had been a long day but you still managed to nap in a noisy house and play along with everyone holding and passing you around.  :) 

the BEAUTIFUL Easter Cross- complete with individual fresh flowers that members of the congregation were asked to bring. 

you loved eating the ribbons on your dress 

Uncle Charlie (my brother) 
You were SUCH a great baby at church and in such good spirits ALL day- you got a baby nalgene sippy cup from the Easter bunny (Daddy) and a regular sippy cup from mommy as well as some "big girl" (6 months+) passies (you were still using those tiny newborn ones ha).  
You also got an Easter basket from Granny Fox, Aunt Donna and Gma Paula -- you are one LOVED and adored little girl! 


  1. Oh my GOSH! That bonnet, the dress...she looked DARLING!!! So cute! I love all of the golf course pictures! Sounds like someone had a great day!

    And ummm I didn't know there were different size passies...maybe I need to get her some bigger ones! HA!

  2. That pic of RG with your brother reminds me of how my brother is with Lucy. I love it!! So sweet.

  3. Fantastic pictures!! Love the ones with her rocking chair. I too love seeing my younger brother with Chloe - I've never seen that side of him before.


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