Thursday, April 5, 2012

RG by the Week: 24 Weeks! (the BEST)

Can I refer to this week as the BEST week of Raleigh Grace's life so far? I don't even think that would really accurately describe how amazing this week has been! She has had so many firsts and her personality is just BLOOMING! Not to mention she is SLEEPING! Hallelujah! :) So here it is...
March 27-April 2

We think right around 14lbs

she is still acting like she is teething but still no teeth...yet.
first time sitting in a high chair- she really liked her legs touching the bar and dangling them. Miss Independent for sure
(Touching moment: K looked over at me and wispered in my ear... "she looks sooo big sitting up in the high chair like that!" :-D Sooo true baby!)
wore her first sun bonnet (size 6-12 months- thats the only thing she's in that size ha!)
got her very own rocking chair and rocked! (after a few minutes she acted like she sort of understood how it worked and would "rock" it on purpose and smile!) 
went to a Japanese Restaurant (Nakato's) and loooved watching EVERYthing.
-She also tried Sweet Potatoes for the first time and LOVED them!
her hair is growing into beautiful FUZZ :)

Milestones/Firsts not pictured:
Slept in her crib in her bouncer (Tuesday)
Slept in her crib! (Thursday)
Slept through the night (for the first time since around Christmas) -11 hours!

Now that we have introduced baby food RG is nursing for 10 minutes every 2-4 hours (avg. 3) during the day.  She eats "food" twice a day, generally once around noon or early afternoon  and once around dinner time.  She will eat anywhere from 1/2 a container to a full one. She has tried (in this order) Peaches, Sweet Potatoes and Bananas! She seemed to LOVE the bananas more than anything- she would coo during every bite saying "mmm" "mmm" and nearly finished the whole container her first time trying them (that was a first).  
During the night... she is not nursing anymore!! :) Such a breakthrough... read all about the "sleep!"

Sleep, Dear Sleep, oh how I have missed you so! I am so glad that you have found me again! You are true food for my soul :) Love, your long lost friend!
Raleigh Grace is sleeping like a CHARM all. of. a. sudden! and it is AMAZING!!! Read all about "Sleep Training... Our Way!" here! Mom, I can not thank you enough for all of your help during this transition time!! 
Raleigh Grace is sleeping through the night and even slept 13-yes, THIRTEEN hours, one night!! Can we say BEST WEEK EVER!?! I never thought I would see this day!

still 0-3months and 3 months. Size one diapers for probably the last week. 

Favorite Moments:
-TWO amazing Date Nights with my handsome hubby!
-My wonderful mom being here!!
-Our fun, random, PEARLS.. photo-shoot Sunday (preview below)
& Literally everything this week! It has been WONDERFUL! Raleigh Grace is in such a better mood now that she is sleeping well- she is soo happy and her personality is just beautiful as well! 

Most Challenging:
Saying goodbye to my mom.
Not having a baby sleeping next to me in our room (okay, I miss this terribly but we are BOTH sleeping so much better now! People always told me that would be the case but I had to learn for myself I guess ha!)

even though you might not believe me- I'm sure she loves sleeping in her crib; Grandma, Lala! Smiling, being the happiest baby in town, eating baby food (Bananas, peaches, and Sweet Potatoes- she loves them all- so NOT a picky eater...yet), when Daddy gets home- and everything Daddy!, stuffed animals- when she rubs them she giggles- it cracks me up! 
mom and RG's fingers :)
Looking Forward to:
More of the same... I seriously have no complaints here! I love this sweet little girl! She's just getting so big so fast!

one of her MudPie Easter outfits :) (love the ruffles on the backside!)
Mommy Moments:
Our amazing (two!) DATE NIGHTS !! It was so good for me to get out of the house with just the hubs and I! We had a great time together- we must do this more often! 
Oh and when I tried to take the Diaper Bag with us on our date night! ha (Hubs made me feel better though because on the way to dinner that same night he turned around and looked in the backseat of the car because he thought he heard Raleigh Grace hehe)
oh and how could I forget... 
I'm loving sleeping! And, I think my hair is not falling out nearly as bad as it was! 

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