Friday, August 24, 2012

{Insta} Friday!

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I am so happy that it is officially FRIDAY!!! 
This is our last "free" weekend until november which makes me terribly sad and happy at the same time... I guess that means that summer is coming to an end {tear} and fall is quickly approaching {cheers}!  I love summer and usually love for fall to come but I have to admit it seems like this summer has FLOWN by and I am not quite ready for fall... I long for more days at the beach lounging on the porch drinking a cold one or laying out at the beach with my toes in the sand doing the same.  Speaking of beach... I think we will take a last minute trip this weekend! :) 

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Here are some pictures from this past week!
{1}Somthing in the mail for me!? Gasp! Thank you #Anthro! 
{2}So much fun at the pool!
{3}I love this cuddle bunny... Laying in bed with mamma
{4}This is how you know you are loved! ha!

 {1}She pushed the chair all around the room... Glad we didn't spend tons of money on a stand up "walking" toy. AND she let go and took a few STEPS ON HER OWN!
{2}Thats cheerio dust ha!
{3}Love that the pine needles kept her occupied and happy for almost 30 minutes
{4}I guess she wanted some yogurt
 {1}I would TOTALLY get a TON done if I had this space in my house... hint hint!
{2}Woah go check this out at Bible Gateway! Lamentations 3:22-29
{3}Someone is an animal lover already
{4}In TX we put up fences, in NC we build hills. #weirdbuttrue

{1}Ahh another reason I love target! They now have mobile BABY coupons via text!! 
{2}I knew there was a reason we hadn't packed up the swing yet... it still works wonders! 
{3}Hubby is home early and he brought me an afternoon snack!
{4}Snack time again, she cracks me up! (This was the first time she "reached in" a bag to get someting)

{1}This actually happened today! #proudofmyself ! Finally bed time!
{2}Such a sneaky little monkey!
{3}Look mom, I found a toy!! What is this? 
{4}And heaven and earth will sing! 

Oh, and two reminders:
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2. There is still time to link up for Tasty Treat Thursdays if you didn't yesterday, we would love to have you! (if nothing else you should check out some of the delish recipes posted! mmm! ) 

I hope y'all have a great weekend!! :)


  1. You're so much techier than me! I don't even know how to change my settings like you said. These instagram collages are great!

  2. Love this!!! I need to learn how to make the instagram collages!!!


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