Friday, August 3, 2012

RG by the Week: 40 Weeks!!

July 17- 23

40 WEEKS!! 
At this point most mamma's would be celebrating that their baby has been in this world longer than he/she was in her belly.  Not this mamma- give me a couple more weeks because we all know that Miss Raleigh Grace decided to take her sweet time and come when she wanted (well not really because they still had to "pull" her out and induce me ha!) 

She's getting lots more hair- its still super blonde but I love that she has some length now- about 2-3 inches in the back and sides hehe
Her eyes are still a dark, beautiful blue!
Can't remember if I've mentioned this before but she has a tiny freckle on her chest! Its adorable :)
Her birthmark on her leg is getting bigger and easier to see
I'm such a mean mom, but I hear this is a MILESTONE!!! So yaaay RG for trying to get something on the other side of the glass :) 
celebrating daddy!
We went to the beach with my aunt donna, greg and my cousin jonathan, his wife and their baby, Drew (who's 3 months younger than RG)
First time in a bath tub with Drew
First time at Cracker Barrel - she loved the biscuits (whos surprised ha)
First time going to boy scout camp- where K got tapped in for Vigil (the highest honor you can receive in the OA)- everyone loved RG and she even went down and did the round dance with K and Mike.  She was well behaved for the most part but at about 10pm she started getting fussy- just a little- we gave her 100's of puffs and a bottle and that helped a little ha!
She cried for the first time when we passed her off to someone- we gave her to K's dad and this was the face we got... it was PITIFUL!

still the same fun loving girl ever.... loves the water, making new friends with people where ever we are, etc.  She loves her daddy, when he gets home, and loves getting into everything!
her first time at Cracker Barrel
I'm not sure if we are teething again (I think the top tooth is working on coming in) but it takes an hour to feed her 2 oz's of anything... shes really not interested... she will eat yogurt though and applesauce.  Its just not the normal "great eater" I am used to with Miss Thang!
Lunch with Jessica

someone still loves her carbs!

Sleep is also pretty iffy- although she did sleep through the night the last 2 nights of this "week!"  I was so excited- she slept from about 10pm to about 6am, nursed and went back to sleep for a couple hours!  Naps are really good - an hour and a half usually - 2 hrs.  They were a little "off" while we were at the beach but thats expected :)
Mallory and Emma Claire sent Raleigh Grace a package and she LOVED it! :)

We are still squeezing her into some of our favorite 0-3 month clothes (really its only one outfit from Janie & Jack that has orange's, limes and lemons on it with green seersucker)its a halter top bubble & its just too adorable and I cant give it up yet.  ha!
Most 6 months fit great right now, and some 6-9 month and 9 month as well.
Still in 2 diapers
I was getting everything packed and by the door for the beach and I look down the hall and see Little Miss with a bag on her arm... Ready to go!

I can't get over how cute she is in this little outfit!! Don't mind all our junk - still haven't unpacked from the beach.
Favorite Moments:
Watching Raleigh Grace and Drew play at the beach together... they had SO MUCH FUN!! It really was adorable watching them together.
rosy cheeks, puffy eyes, just waking up, melt my heart! :) 

Most Challenging:
nothing bad at all, a little challenging: feeding and naps

Looking Forward to:
more beach trips?? :)

Mommy Moments:
I got bit for the first time while nursing RG on the beach.  It wasn't a bad bite thankfully but it wasn't pleasant either ha!
Also, I loved watching the beautiful sunset with my hubby!! :)

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