Tuesday, August 21, 2012

RG by the Week: 44 Weeks

On August 17th you turned 10 months old!!! Woah baby... only 2ish months until you are one!! :) 
Aug 14-20th
(I posted a ton of pictures from this past week on my Insta friday post! Be sure to check them out!)

18.2 lbs!!! :) (with clothes and diaper according to home scale)
I seriously think you have some strawberry blonde in your hair... despite your daddy's disbelief!  Its beautiful and I love watching your hair blow in the wind... you seem to have so much hair (for you hehe) these days :)
hows that for some hair :) 
you have started patting your mouth and going ahhh or baaa or brrr and making fun noises patting your mouth.
You started doing this cute squinty eye thing today on our walk after lunch... the more daddy and I laughed at you the more you kept doing it.
You learned how to "brush your hands off" at the beach this weekend and you have learned how to crab walk on your hands and feet- you did not want to crawl on the deck at the beach house so you would crab walk!
Walking- you have been walking for about 3 weeks now but this week you are getting even BETTER-- this week you have realized that we clap and celebrate when you are successful in walking on your own and you loooove to impress us! When we celebrate you, you just smile and laugh and clap yourself!! You are proud of yourself! :)
on the move (which is why its a little blurry) 

we spent this past weekend at the beach... I bet you ate 3 or 4 CUPS of sand... I mean you were eating it by the handFULL and there was no stopping you... lets just say your next few diapers looked like you had been sitting in the sand at the beach ha!
You crawl and walk and are getting into everything... you are also a lot more adventurous than you have been and are starting to try to climb on things.
You got a big bruise on your head this week- you were playing at Paw-paw and gma's house with the little baby bed and baby and fell into the wall.  You cried a little but you were fine after mommy picked you up.  You love the baby and baby bed at their house :)
You love love love water... I have said it before but you are so attracted to it... maybe you are a future swimmer?? You laugh when we laugh, cough when we cough!  It is hilarious to watch you copy us! You are so happy and easy going- even when you are sleep deprived. We love you so much!

she loved playing dolls with her cousins!! 

and of course paw-paw too! :)
This week has been amazing. You are such a great sleeper lately and for that I am forever grateful!  You are never asleep when I lay you down anymore... I can nurse you and sometimes you fall asleep and sometimes you don't but when you do the second I lay you in your bed you sit up like you have been wide awake for hours.  Usually before I lay you down, I cradle you in my arms and sway side to side or swing you back and forth from left to right until your eyes get heavy.  When I leave the room sometimes you fuss a little and then go to sleep and sometimes when I leave you sit up but I never hear a peep from you and you just go right to sleep. :)
You looove your little bunny that you sleep with- when we give it to you, you pull it up to your face and sometimes put it in your mouth and giggle.  You go to sleep so much better when you are holding it and you rub it between your fingers too.
lil froggie 
when we are on the go we put you in your seat and rock you-- this past week we were at GGdad's and you fought sleep for longer than you napped ha! When you finally went to sleep you were sleeping with your eyes open :)
napping at the beach house (thankfully!) The first night we were there you would not sleep! You fell asleep around 11pm and when Daddy and I went to bed around 1am you woke up and didn't go back to bed till around 2am.  Mommy didn't go to sleep until about 2:30am and you were back up at 5am ate, then fell back asleep till 7.  I think it was a combination of being in a different place and sleeping all the way to the beach (3ish hrs) and being in the same room as mommy and daddy.  It was not like you at all-- you screamed and cried when I tried to put you back down.  Thankfully you are back to your normal "sleep routine" now :) 

You are eating good again- anything we give you.  This past weekend at the beach daddy let you try an onion! YUCK!... you didn't seem to mind but I knew it was hard (uncooked) so we instructed you to spit it out which you did.  You still love eating off of our plates and most definitely your favorite food is bread :) You will eat about 6-10 oz of baby food per meal.  You are still nursing in the am when you wake up and during the day every 4-5 hrs and of course at night before bed. I love that bonding time with you!
lunch with Uncle Charlie, Granny Fox, Pawpaw, Mommy and Daddy (when we met up with Daddy because his battery died on his car) 
her first time looking at a fish tank- she was mesmerized! 
I think you have started to outgrow your 6 month footed sleepers :(  Your poor little feet looked so scrunched up in them last night when we put you in them but the 6-9 month ones eat you alive ha. You are wearing mainly 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers but I think you are almost ready to move up a size! It seems like you have been in two's forever but thats good because we had a big stockpile of them :)

pulling the books off the shelf / playing hide and seek around the chair with daddy (at the beach)
Favorite Moments: 
Spending the mornings laying around, nursing you and cuddling.  Watching you become more aware of our emotions and you copying us (laughing when we laugh).  You are such an entertainer ... you always make mommy and daddy soo happy!!  Also, watching you play at the beach is one of my favorite things... Its so hard to believe that in a few months you are going to be walking everywhere! wheph!
We started a tentative list of people to invite to your first birthday party and started talking about planning it :)
starting your invite list for your party
playing hide and seek :)
busted! :) so sneaky though!
pulling everything out of the diaper bag
playing in the rain
Most Challenging: 
nothing this week *minus the first night at the beach*

Looking forward to: 
You're walking good on your own.  You are doing such a GREAT job right now. You have great balance and can walk about 10 steps on your own.  You are consistently walking 3-5 steps on your own! :)

Mommy (Daddy) Moments: 
I am loving that I don't have to go back to teaching again this year... I miss teaching dearly but nothing could ever replace the great memories and bonding that you and I have daily.  I love every minute of it and wouldn't trade it for the world.  I am so thankful that your Daddy is such a hard worker and provides for you and I so we can be together!
Also, huge shout-out to the hubs who got a HUGE promotion at work this week!! YAAAY Daddy!! So proud of him!!!!
 new jewelry from grandma -I/ enjoying cuddles on the beach (never get cuddles so I'll take them while I can)

 and the best for last: 


  1. too cute! the little one I nanny went for his 4 month appt today - weighs 19.1 pounds, holy moly! good thing I've been toning my arms :)

  2. Love all the pictures. She's at such a fun age. I remember when Axle was 10 months, he was so cute. Now he's 2 and let's just say he's still cute but geeze he's wearing me out!!!

  3. I can't believe she is walking around! She is so petite, she must look like a little doll walking. So cute! I love the last picture, nothing beats a good daddy and baby picture


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