Tuesday, August 28, 2012

RG by the Week: 45 Weeks!

August 21-27
Check out some pics from the week {here}

no new stats this week... I do notice your feet and hands are much bigger, K held your foot up to your newborn foot print on the wall and your feet are almost double the size! Growing so fast :)
I have been waiting 10 months to say this:  BED HEAD! :) hehe That hair is blonde blonde and growing!

I know I have said this the past couple of weeks but LITERALLY you have soo many firsts this week- its like every day is something new and exciting- it really is!
Just to list a few:
- (22nd) you learned that you can push your little pink adirondack chair around the living room on the wooden floors- its like your new push toy ha!
- (22nd) You even let go (of your chair) and took a few STEPS on your own!! Proud mamma!
-you reached in the bag of cheerios for the first time
-you learned how to pinch (you used to do this when you were really little when you were nursing but a couple of weeks ago you learned to pinch the skin on my arm- I think you were trying to hold on to me)
-You tried chicken (not baby food) and love it
-You ate your first hot dog at the Oasis (you had tried a hot dog at home a couple of weeks ago but at the Oasis you ate the WHOLE thing! )
-You started craning your head to see something that went out of view (you were doing this at the Oasis- people watching ha... someone stepped out of your view and you were arching your neck so hard to see them) ha
-Friday you fell into the coffee table for the first time and hit your little cheek- you have a bruise still (and its Tuesday).  You cried and I picked you up to cuddle you but that made you more mad- you squirmed out of my arms and went back to playing around the table... that was the end of that ha
-Friday afternoon before we left for the beach you had a sandwich (Turkey, cheese, mayo and mustard.) You loved it and nearly ate 1/2 of my sandwich ha
-You anticipate daddy playing with you and "attacking" you and you laugh hysterically... I have a video from Saturday night at the beach- yall played hard for nearly a half hour!
-You fed the sea gulls on the beach for the first time Saturday (last sunday you fed them at the beach house).  You just watched them and sat very still. I think you enjoyed it :)
-Daddy buried you in the sand for the first time on Saturday you didn't mind it a bit... you just sat there and played with the sand ha! (you didn't eat as much sand this weekend as last- you played more this weekend)
-Saturday night you walked on your own TONS without anyone encouraging you-- this was the first time I had noticed you walking wthout someone clapping or trying to get you to walk
-Sunday you kissed your first fish (this is something my Daddy and I used to do when we would catch a really great fish- we would make a kissy face and pretend we were kissing the fish, I have a picture of Daddy and I doing this framed in our house ha) (you kissed a small minnow I had caught in the throw net.  We have a pic on your Daddy's phone I will have to get later)
-Saturday you tried French Toast for the first time and loved it!!
- (27th) you tried baby food mac and cheese and LOVED it! (You have had big people mac and cheese before (from KFC) and you of course liked that too ha)
- (27th) You started following Daddy and I around on foot (you were walking, chasing us around) haha You really started walking A LOT on your own today.  You walked all the way across the living room floor on your own (we weren't paying attention and I looked up and there you went!)
-Saturday at the beach you shut the cooler on your hand- I think this was the first time you have smashed your fingers- you fussed and then opened the cooler, got your fingers out and looked at your hand and fussed and pouted a little... you rarely really cry.
-You discovered drawers (you found the drawers on my armoire) and learned to open and shut them (27th) and even smashed your fingers in them a few times and fussed.
First hot dog at the Oasis
that poor cheek right after she fell :( 
Behavior/ Loves:
-you love animals (we went to the pet store this week and you loved watching the gerbils, hampsters, and birds)
-taking things out of the trash
-taking things out of the laundry basket
-taking things out of the diaper bag
-basically taking things out of anything and throwing them on the floor ha
-love the book Brown Bear
-you love playing with the pine needles out on the porch
-you took a nap in your swing for the first time in ages
-you have become a lot more protective of Daddy and Mommy. You get more upset than normal when we leave you (sometimes this is true- not 100% of the time)
-Sunday you were scared of the fish I had caught that were swimming around in the bucket... you kept fussing and wanting to be held- I don't know if you were just tired but you did not like being near the fish in the bucket-- I couldn't even convince you to play in the water in the bucket haha (thats never been an issue ha!). Daddy said he hopes this isn't a sign of things to come.
- (27th) I noticed you have become a little more reserved when others want to hold you.  Even when aunt Donna wanted to hold you, you turned away and squeezed my arm tight.
-You are TOTALLY MISS INDEPENDENT! You do not want us doing anything for you.
-You would rather walk than be held or sit in a buggie at the store (we noticed this the 27th at Costco... you walked most of the time and refused to be held or sat in the buggie, thankfully I had an extra set of hands with me!)
-You have started to throw a short frustration fit if we take something away from you that you want to keep.  You will squeeze onto the item and "yell" and grunt out of frustration (sometimes its hard for me not to laugh)
-You say dada all the time now
-when I ask you, "where is Dada?" you will look for him or if hes in the room you will look at him :)
-you know the sign milk and eat when we sign them to you along with saying them.  You can sign milk on your own.  We are trying to teach you the sign for more.
-love playing with your babies and loving on them
-climbing!! everyday you get a little more adventurous- yesterday I looked over and you were standing in your bumbo (thankfully on the ground) and I also caught you standing in your pink adirondack chair!
needs no words... this is my life now ha!
driving to the beach
I asked her how you felt about being at the beach and this was your response ;) 
Beautiful sunset on the way to the beach 
...has been good! Even when we are on the road to the beach you do great!! I am so thankful that you are sleeping pretty much from 10pm until 5 or 6 am then going back to sleep until around 9/9:30am.  :) You go down for most of your naps and bed fairly easy, you usually put yourself to sleep talking and don't cry.
you do what it takes to get what you want :) 
You are eating great, you eat anything we give you (baby food and table food).  You usually get whatever we are eating in addition to purees.  Your favorite is still your baby yogurt.
You still nurse when you wake up and when you go to bed and about every 4-6 hours in between.
Daddy got up for 5 seconds and someone took over "his" chair ha!
after 30 minutes of fighting you gave up.... and then 30 minutes later you were awake again ha
most beautiful sight :) 
same as last week although we are putting you in some 9 month outfits because you have quite a few super cute summer-y ones and I definitely want you to wear them at least a few times before its "fall".

poor little bruise
you spent lots of time walking between the coffee table and the chair...
someone got really brave on Saturday night and did lots of walking on her own!! :) 

Favorite Moments:
Literally, all of them! Esp fun beach weekends!

First time feeding the gulls on the beach
Most Challenging: 
Getting you to nap on the beach usually isnt a problem but for some reason you cried for 30 minutes on Saturday before taking a 30 minute nap.  Not your best but it wasn't terrible :)
had lunch with Aunt Cecil and Emma
from our trip with Drew a few weeks back but thought it was too cute not to share!
oh you know, matching swim suits :) 
Looking forward to:
Seeing Mallorie and Emma Claire!!!! :) :) :)

Mommy Moments: 
Daddy totally outdid himself and cooked dinner, cleaned the house, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, bathed you and told me it was my "night off"!!!! What did I do? Watch Bachelor pad! :) ha! LOVE YOUR DADDY!
if only daddy had taken me shopping... mommy said no :)

Delicious dinner Daddy made for Mommy (27th)
how I spent my "night off!"

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  1. This was quite the update! I love reading about all the things she's up to, like taking her first steps!!! And she is cute as a button in that bathing suit!

  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEE! YAY! I am SO SO excited! And reading everything she is up to makes me even more excited to watch her and EC interact!


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