Friday, August 3, 2012

RG by the Week: 41 Weeks!

July 24- 30

no updates, sorry!

Raleigh Grace learned out to point and she looves to do it now! (I think she learned this from her cousin, Drew at the beach last week, but she just started doing it herself!).  She will point at your eyes, noes, mouth, the fan, airplanes, anything she sees, she points- its so cute!
I would say she is now "cruising" aka walking while holding on to something more than she crawls ... she LOVES to walk and is even letting go of things now and standing for a few seconds. before she would only walk if she could grab/hold on to something... now she will walk leaning on to something such as the wall, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.  Shes getting SO close to walking!
Went her her first lemonade stand... there were some young girls selling in the neighborhood where my ggdad lives so we walked over :) 
She rode in the umbrella stroller for the first time! Donna pushed! 
I stood her up and let her fall/walk forward to me and I think she maybe took A step or two (hah- we won't count it yet though)
Watching her first Olympics - in London!
You met your friend Corin for the first time- they were in town visiting (with his mom Sam)
yall were enjoying "sharing" cherrios ha!
watching the London summer Olympics 2012
watching the swimming match... intense... GO USA!
Like I said, she loves to point.
WATER- whether it be the bath, the sink, the toilet, the pool, the ocean, in a cup... she wants to splash and play all day! :)
She is getting to where she expresses her frustration with grunting and balling her fists up.
She is still super happy 99% of the time and I wish I could count the number of times we get told what a GREAT behaved baby we have! I hope this continues up to adulthood ;)
When she hears music she will dance or bounce and even bounce her head... and clap! 

Still struggling with getting her to eat her baby food... starting to wonder if its time to be moving on to more solids? (or still maybe just teething?) She still has only two teeth on the bottom so we can't give her too much but she does get lots of table food from our plates.  Shes nursing every 4-6 hours depending on whats going on with our schedule.  No nursing during the night anymore (YAY!!!) because...
I leave her with K for 5 minutes and she finds my Taco Bell... guess she was hungry? 

{again} ha! :) I am so so happy with her progress in the sleep department and I am LOVING getting a little more rest myself! I thought this day would never come haha (she slept through the night early on- like 3 months I think, that lasted a short while, then we slept through the night around 6 months for a few weeks, and now again at 9 months-- I hope it sticks around this time, although I can honestly say, I love nursing her and sorta miss the night time feedings.)

mainly 6 month, size 2 diapers

Favorite Moments:
all of them, chasing her around the room... trying to keep her out of the toilets, cabinets, plugs, chords, etc. etc... :)
taking family walks and dinner dates
and watching RG and Daddy play together :) 
Love these two, she's smitten over him! and he's wrapped around her little finger!
on our walk to get dinner and FroYo! 
date night with my awesome hubby and this cutie! 

Most Challenging:
the whole not wanting to eat is still an issue and keeping her out of trouble/ cleaning up after her is "challenging" but I assume at this rate its going to be like that for the rest-of-her-life. sigh.
I think RG might have had a stomach bug this week also, she had *TMI* diarrhea several times I think on wednesday, and then K was sick on thursday and though I didn't get "sick" I sure felt terrible and was super nauseous thursday afternoon to friday... I hear its going around- luckily it didn't last long although I did lose 8lbs in two days!
fun shopping trip... this time I wasn't the one getting suckered in! :) 
Looking Forward to: 
not having any big plans... just enjoying life!

Mommy Moments: 
Raleigh Grace is still going to the nursery at church but two weeks ago (technically 3 weeks ago bc we skipped last week bc we were at the beach) when we picked her up she was crying (ALL the 9 babies were crying so no surprise there), and then last week she was fussy.  When we pick her up she is instantly happy. As much as I hate leaving her it sure has been nice to get back in the swing of going to church and having that "adult time" with my husband and God! I also think its really good for Raleigh Grace to be with other children!


  1. I love her facial expressions! look gorgeous, love the top picture of you both!

  2. Maybe when we come visit the sleeping through the night will rub off on miss EC!!!! :-) seriously 41 weeks?!?! When did this happen?! HA!

  3. How fun! Sounds like you may try more finger feeding. Savannah started to refuse solids and only wanted to feed herself when she started to get more independent. The squeeze pouches work well too for self feeding and they are puree consistency.


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