Monday, August 20, 2012

RG by the Week: 43 Weeks

August 7-13 

I think her hair is getting a tad darker- I first noticed her eyebrows...  :)

you have learned to move doors, you will open and shut them :)
tried broccoli for the first time and loved it-- Daddy and I had it for dinner and we gave you "baby trees" then when you were done I pureed the rest of it... you love it both ways :) 
climbed out of the pool at the country club! 
You started patting my back when I am carrying you- I love when you do this, so sweet and innocent
Started rubbing your lip with your index finger and making the brrr sound 
You took 4 steps for the first time alone 
said "hiah" or hi
you love laughing AT something thats funny (aka us) 
You are holding and drinking out of a sippy cup alone (the soft silicon tip ones)
Tried hot dog for the first time (you liked it but had a hard time chewing it up)
anticipate when daddy says 1,2,3-- you know hes going to blow in your face and you make a really cute squished up face and close your eyes and turn your head on two ha!
Took 8 consecutive steps then later tonight took 10 consecutive steps!!! You often take 3-4 steps

Pretty much everything else was about the same as last week so this will consist of the shortest weekly update ever! 
Looking forward to the beach with my family next week!! :) 

loves some burrito!

totally on the move!
she loooves her bouncer now... she will bounce and bounce and bounce and turn and scream and bounce! :) 
we discovered doors... and you like to shut them too

family photo! from Sunday at K's family's house :) 
playing with the baby and gpa :)

on the way to k's familys house :) 
playing with the baby... I think she is saying: "this is how daddy plays with me!" hehe :) She kept holding the baby from the leg, hanging upside down lol
sweet little toes
sleeping in the stroller- had to bring the walk inside at ggdad's house because it was raining 

playing with cousin Mari 

breakfast in bed for mommy and baby :) (Saturday)

trying broccoli for the first time 

doing her daily readying, she was sitting there talking and turning the pages! I'm so proud :) 

put her in there just for the picture... it was for old times sake... :) 

such a big girl-- loves being outside and playing with the pine needles... she is also standing on her own :) 

favorite way to spend our mondays-- yogurt play dates with our friends!! 

no, honey... I didn't want those bows in the baskets or anything... lol (love your face baby girl!) hehe


  1. Love this! I still can't believe she is standing On. Her. Own. That means EC will be doing it soon. GAH they are getting so BIG!

  2. She's such a cutie! I love that polka dot outfit.
    My son (he's 2) shuts and opens doors too but he does it with unbelievable force. It sounds like he's tearing down the house!


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