Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Week from Today!

I should have blogged 2 days ago but my busyness/laziness got the best of me again! I booked a date for our marriage and I could not be more thrilled. I have to admit it was quite a rush of feelings that came over me all at once. I wanted to be with Karl to enjoy the rush but he wasn't within arms reach because hes working his last week as the High Adventure Director. Thoughts like rings, vows, clothing, pictures, and all sorts of things flooded my brain and for some odd reason I thought that I need to have everything done right that minute-- but thankfully others reminded me that I have time-thank you for that!
An exciting piece of news from today- my grandma finally got out of ICU after being there since last Tuesday- so that's a huge PRAISE GOD! :) She still needs lots of prayers! Also, please keep in your prayers the family of Ernie Meyer who lost his year long battle with cancer and brain tumors earlier this week. He left behind a wonderful family who I am sure would absolutely covet your prayers!
Today, Karl took his kids backpacking; luckily they got there safe and once he climbed to the top of a cliff he had enough service to call me and chat for a little while. Made my day!
By the way I am sooo looking forward to Karl & I starting our life TOGETHER! So far we have spent as much time together as we can but I absolutely hate telling the love of my life goodbye. Thankfully, that will end in ONE WEEK! from today. YAY!

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