Friday, August 28, 2009

One Week!

The past couple of days have been wonderful.
Yesterday I had an interview at Premiere Academy (an early childhood development center here in Dallas. I think that went well but I am just merely a little frustrated that I feel that my lack of experience might hurt me. It would be a 2 year commitment and a 9:30am-6:30pm job. wheph! If this is not the job for me or if it is, I am still asking for God's guidance and his will to be done. He has provided for me my whole life, even more abundantly than I could have imagined and I just pray that this is all for his glory! I will keep ya'll posted and again, thanks for your prayers! Its such a joy to be surrounded by so many believers that I know are there for me even when I do not see them on a daily basis.
Last night while Karl was working I got to meet with 2 amazing girls who also happened to be recently engaged within the last few months. We had a great time talking about how God is working in our lives and our relationships, telling romantic stories and just having a fun time. Oh and good food too. Yummy BJ's!
Today Karls ring finally came!! YAY!!! BUT.... we missed it and wont be able to pick it up at the POBox until tomorrow because it came certified mail and we were at lunch when the mailman came. BOO! So thats TWICE that we have missed the mail coming- and both of our rings. ha. So I guess on the agenda tomorrow is to go pick that up. Hopefully its all he ever dreamed of (because I'm so sure that he has been dreaming about his wedding band ha!- not!) and that it fits on his finger.
Lunch was amazing today. I FINALLY got to hang out with some of my favorite IBM people!

(this is a pic of one of my besties, Dana, oh how I had missed her!)

It had been tooooo long! And to make things better we went to my favorite deli- Hang Out in Coppell! :-D wahoo! So ... all in all... wonderful day. However, I really missed my daughter, the fry master :( Sadness. Come back to me love!
Well the real countdown is on!!! 7 Days...!!! And there are still several last minute things that I would like to do. I would like to do a little shopping... im not completely happy with the outcome of the shoes I have, so I might take another look at some other stores. We need to finish our vows. Make dinner reservations. CLEAN MY HOUSE!! figure out how I am going to do my hair... and get my nails and toes done... duh! :) I get to pamper myself for this right?! Any suggestions are more than welcome and appreciated.
Happy Friday to all and have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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