Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Decorating for our 1st Christmas together! :)

Now on a happier note... Tis The Season!! :)

Well yesterday K and I decided it was time to go from Fall to Christmas! We have some wonderful friends coming into town this weekend and that was kinda like a push in the butt for me to take all the Fall decor down. I will admit I had a hard time at first taking it down because I love all of the fall colors.. sooo much! Instead of taking all the decor down we opted to go for a shopping trip! K's wonderful grandma gave us a gift card to Garden Ridge (thank you again!)- it was K's idea to go there for all of our Christmas needs.  We had no anything christmas except for a few doo-dad's that I had from the past few years in my apartment.  Usually around Christmas I head home for a few weeks to be with family so I never bothered with my own tree or stockings, etc... So we head to Garden Ridge and GO TO TOWN on the christmas things.... we first chose to tackle ornaments... this was a quite a task... yellow, pink, purple, blue, gold, green, orange, brown, red... what colors to choose?? Well we went for the classic look for green and gold (SIC EM! ha) and red!  We picked out different sized glass balls in these colors then just wandered around the store.  We picked out matching stockings (that are currently being embroidered with our names, yay!) I will post pics as soon as we get them back.  We also purchased a tree skirt that matches both stockings, and 2 stocking hangers that are snowflakes!  We then headed over to Lowes, we also had a gift card from K's aunt and uncle (thank you again!) and we picked out a tree.  This was a fun event because K has never in his LIFE had a live Christmas tree.  I have ALWAYS (all of my life) had a LIVE Christmas tree. I had to teach him about the different trees, how to pick them out, looking for "holes" or gaps in the tree and all the other fun stuff you do when you shop for a real tree.  We finally decided on one that looked  just right! :)   We also picked out some lights to put outside of our house (which we haven't begun to tackle quite yet).

We came home and had a wonderful date night -- Papa John's pizza, MNF (Monday night football- Patriots and the Saints), taking down the fall things (which I was now okay with since I had some "replacements" ha!) and DECORATING for Christmas!!!!!! We had a blast! Last night was such a productive night, we even tackled part of our registry that we have started... WAHOO!

Tonight has been an equally fun day/night- We went to lunch with some of our great IBM friends at my fav. place ever! HANG OUT! Tonight K took me on a date to Outback (with another gift card from his mommy! thannnnks) and boy. was. it. good! :) I love that we had gift cards for lots of places to do are shopping- my wallet sure does like it :)

Days till Christmas: 24! Days till our Wedding: 220!! Yippee! Now enjoy some fun pictures!

Getting the stand ready (its always so difficult to get K to smile so he sometimes makes this face.  Today was my turn -- I can totally relate to your story Jen haha)

Putting the tree in the stand

Getting it adjusted

Opening the tree up :)

Yoda was such a great helper! (ignore mess and fall decor still up ha- its down now!)

bye bye fall...

stringing the lights

K helping (still no smiles... hes hiding)

putting hooks on the gold balls (Yoda again is helping)

He was in charge of trash duty.

Hanging the 1st gold ornament.  (Fake smile = better than no smile ha!)

He helped so much! I am so lucky :)


Merry Christmas to ALL! :)


  1. haha! I love the pictures! :) Everything turned out pretty!!

    Thanks for the sweet comments too! I'm GLAD to be back!! :) xoxo

  2. I LOVE Garden Ridge. We don't have one here and I miss it so much back in Charlotte. Good job on the Christmas tree!

  3. I love your tree - it's so nice and round :) Rob makes fun of me because I love fat trees! It's so nice to get decorations for "free" - we're slowly adding to ours :)

  4. Your tree is so pretty! I really like your fall mantle too. Ours is still up, I'll show you a picture. We won't decorate until closer to Christmas. No need to go to all the trouble on our account :) but I know your house will look so pretty and festive! Can't wait!


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