Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hey Ya'll!! 
I hope that you all are having a good week.  Mine has been great (as was our weekend) but busy (duh!)-- I am sure that all of you are also, but this is the kind of busy that I actually enjoy... wahoo for Christmas shopping.  

So just in time for Christmas I have a PRIVATE invite for you!!  I have recently joined a great shopping site, its called Shop it to Me!  You get lots of awesome deals on name brand clothes and best of all you get to personalize your profile and pick what brands and stores you are interested in- no more getting tons of junk in your inbox about things you really DON'T care about.  You will also have the opportunity to select how often/when you would like to receive your emails about the sales going on.  If you would like to join-- here is your PRIVATE INVITE! :)  Feel free to pass this on to any of your friends that may be interested also!  Here is the hyperlink just-in-case.... 


This weekend started out great for us. We went to sushi with our friends Em & Justin, and we had a great time. We had planned on going bowling afterward but I am very happy to say that we changed plans and had them over instead, to play a fun and exciting game of spades! Yipppeee! Sadly, I am a terrible person and forgot to take pictures but it was a great time. I am so happy that K decided that we needed to clean/ pick up the house in case they decided to come over. K also baked some fresh cookies and all was Christmas-ie around the abode!

Speaking of Christmas decor, many of you have asked that we share our Christmas decorations... I am sorry that I have not shared the pictures earlier. I will say that I am extremely happy how the decorations came out, especially considering that this is the first year that we have decorated and that this is our first Christmas together! I am however sorry to say that my picture-taking-skills are not pro :( So lemme just say that everything looks MUCH nicer in person, so how about you come over for a visit :) Now we're talking... heheh

Are you ready for the overload of pictures?? Here goes...

Me hanging the Christmas lights... 

The little lights we put up (Why did we not think to SHUT the garage... sorry for the mess ha! And its too cold to go outside now and take a re-do or I would...this will have to do for now)

Okay so I forgot that I took one on my phone... MUCH better :) but blurry... grr

Little outside bows

Okay so really this isn't related to our Christmas decor but I HAD to add it... such a cutie- and I captured a REAL smile for once ha! :) This is K opening a wedding gift from Erin and Brian (who visited a couple weekends ago- a CrockPot! YES!)

Erin (AKA St. Nick) came to see us on December 6th and filled our shoes with treats!! This is def. one going to be our new tradition and I LOVE IT! (Thanks Rin :) )

And again....(before the mantel was fully decorated...)

Picture perfect ;)

Our monogramed stockings AGAIN, because I just love them so!
(we even bought more yesterday for our future kiddos- this was both K and My ideas but on SEPARATE occasions- I didn't know he thought about doing it and he didn't know that I thought about doing it.  So we did it ha!!

The living room! 

Dining Room Christmas Decor

Ya'll we have SOME GIFTS... DON"T WE!? I love it!!I greatly anticipate every single person opening the gifts that we have picked out for them... it is my favorite part of Christmas!! :) 

Our little Nativity that I picked up while in Guatemala this summer, K loves this and so do I... it might have to stay out all year long :) 

And before I show you this AWFUL tree I will share with you a short little story... I HATE artificial trees and never in my life have been a part of setting one up.  Luckily no one in my family is allergic to Christmas trees so we have always had a "real" one.  And for those of you who claim you do it because "real" trees are a mess... well let me tell you ... this little guy made as big (or bigger) of a mess as our beautiful 8 foot REAL tree ha! So dont tell me fake trees dont make a mess... they DO! ha Okay, okay...

Well as most of you know... this is the hubs and i first christmas together and I have ALWAYS (growing up) had a sentimental tree (this meaning full of our childhood ornaments and sentimental ornaments... u get the idea) ... well this year we had nothing... So thanks to K's grandma we had a gift card to Garden Ridge who is your Queen store for ALL things Christmas and here we were... going after the "fancy" type things... Pretty glass ornaments, beautiful ribbon, little berries, and so on, to add to the tree... and there you have it... no sentimental tree... a Fancy tree it was for me and i LOVE it... its so different and so elegant. Well my MIL (mother-in-love) and my mom have both sent us "our ornaments" -- aka the childhood ones-- and as of today we have TWO christmas trees, the second one is NOTHING like the first and we refer to it as the "Charlie Brown" tree... it is much uglier (Ha) -- has colored lights, and ALL of our fun childhood ornaments (it is also a artificial tree (our other is real- the only way I like to  go)... We got Charlie Brown at garden ridge yesterday for 20 dollars and its 6 feet tall... we strung the lights and enjoyed making it the "less classy" of the trees, but FULL of GREAT MEMORIES!! :) Its here to stay I'm afraid... and I think when we start having kiddos, they too will get their own version of a "charlie brown tree" but maybe on a smaller scale than 6ft. ha! :)  And I must admit... it is slowly growing on me... I love just gazing at it and remembering each special memory that each ornament holds... its Great! :) Now that's the Christmas spirit! :)

And you call this a TREE!?! HAHAHA

Our Charlie Brown Tree (ew isnt it gross ha) 

And the lil guy cleans up pretty good if I don't say so myself ;)

And there it is! Our lil humble abode at Christmas time! :) 

And remember to keep it a 
because HE is the reason for the season! 
God Bless!! 


  1. I love the decorations! Great job :) Enjoy the season!

  2. I like Charlie Brown! Such a cute tree. Ornaments we've collected over the years are all we have. It'll get fuller in the future. That shoe picture makes me wish I had put the treats in something a little more fashionable than our sneakers!


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