Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy 101!

Thanks to my sweet friend Jen over at Love is the Sweetest Thing for passing along this along! If you haven't yet you should check out her blog, you will love it!

So now, to pass this award on, you must first post 10 things that make you happy and then send this on to 10 blogs that make you happy! :)

Things that Make Me Happy:
1)My AWESOME God, and his love for me... (I mean who would have his own son murdered for me and all of my sins!?)
2) The hubs, always!
3) The love of my family
4) Making new blog friends :)
5)Christmas decorations and songs
6)My warm cozy bed
7) Memories of my Daddy
8)Getting our Save-the-Dates in the mail today... YAY!!
9)Warm chocolate chip cookies mmm
10) Having friends over to our house (we have an open door so just stop by and say hi!-- we have the Santa Windsock outside :) )

Blog's that Make Me Happy:
(sorry if you have already received this but ya'll make me happy!)
So there yah go! Now pass on the Love! :)


  1. Aww thanks!!!! Oh and I am so going to convince hubs to try out the burger place! This is so fun that we live in the same area...there is a place called Earls that is supposed to have amazing burgers out here but its in a gas station so Im thinking an actual restaurant sounds much better :)

  2. Oh also, do you go to the Village? We have been thinking about trying it out! We are members of a church in Prosper but were looking for a new one so let me know if you like yours!

  3. An award already? Thank you girl! I can't wait to see your save the dates!

  4. Taylor- sent yah an email :)
    Erin- I can NOT wait to see them either but K is at work and wont let me open them without him... needless to say I am meeting him for an early lunch haah because staring at a cardboard box is not all that much fun lol

  5. aww thank you! :)
    I couldn't agree more with everything you listed!!!

  6. Also! in response to your comment on my "Bring on 2010!" post since you don't have an email posted :)

    I'm working on losing 30 more lbs!! Hopefully all before summer since we all live in bathing suits around here then!! LOL


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