Thursday, December 17, 2009

Packages and More Packages!!

Can I just tell you how excited I was last night??

First of all, our Save-The-Dates came in the mail!!!
Want to hear a funny story about K and I ordering them??? Well we had been working very diligently on picking the perfect one and about making sure that everything was just right... but it was getting late and K was ready to finish them and order them after I had edited the 3 pictures about 10 times to make sure they were the "right shade of black and white" haha.  We looked them over, agreed they looked wonderful, and there we had it... we ordered 500 of them.  Yup, we are inviting around 500 guests to our wedding (call us crazy... more on this below) so we ordered 500 Save-The-Dates... right?? NO! Not right!! Anyone that has ever planned any type of event knows that just because you invite 500 people doesn't mean that you need 500 invites.  Yea, we really only had around 200 households represented and therefore, (Yup, you counted right) we ordered THREE HUNDRED EXTRA Save-the-dates!!!!!! (I just tried to abbreviate that and realized it maybe wouldnt correctly represent what I was trying to say hahah -- s-- t-- d--- okay you have it hahaha! -sorry I crack myself up sometimes :-P) So anyways, it only took me about 10 minutes after we ordered to realize this and when I did K and I were laughing forEVER ha! Everytime we bring it up, we laugh more.  Luckily we didnt spend thousands of dollars on these bad babies or I would not be a happy camper... so there it is- funny story of the day-- hope it made you smile!

We are so happy with them and can NOT wait to share this with you on here as soon as we get them out! Let me just tell you -- trying to get 500 peoples addresses (around 200 physical households- ie: aunt and uncle have 3 kids= 5 people), imputing them into an Excel spreadsheet and then merging them into a Word document with the correct label template is not quite as easy as it may seem.  I didn't have unrealistic expectations I don't think, however ... COME ON!! We spent about eh... 5-6 hours last night working on JUST the merging from the spreadsheet to the labels... SUCH work.  Not to mention, there were so many "holes" (lack of addresses on our spreadsheet) we had to first finish the merge then go back and delete incomplete cells... and no, it didn't automatically shift the labels for you.  We had to copy and paste entire labels into the empty spots in order to avoiding printing 10 sheets of labels when we really only needed 4 or 5.  Thanks for letting me vent a little ha.  BUT we did get about 1/2 of the postcards done (stamped and labeled) last night and IN THE MAIL! I am soooo excited that things are coming together. We did have fun putting hundreds of stamps on the postcards and then labeling them. I can't wait to finish off this little battle ha.
I hope everyone is okay with us not sending Christmas cards this year ... these are our Christmas cards ha!

Okay, so I'm already excited about getting the Save-The-Dates in the mail (don't you just love getting packages... I get so giddy) when around 8pm the hubs and I hear a loud knock on the door.... i think he was a little weirded out by someone visiting so late- as was i- (and not thinking he had ordered any other mail that was to be coming to our house) he approaches and opens the door to find, YET ANOTHER PACKAGE!! :) :) Okay so I don't know if I'm a little over-the-top here haha but I was pumped... guess what it was!?  ...
My Juice Plus that I had ordered!!  I am so so excited about this and can not wait to see how it works! I will keep you posted.  The hubby and I have been trying to work out 3-4 times a week and have been pretty good.  I unfortunately have a problem with my "healthy" eating habits... as I sit here typing we just finished our Papa John's Pizza we had for dinner, of which I have FOUR pieces ha! Oh well! :) This is why I am excited about having the nutrients from all of the veggies and fruits in a vitamin form. YES! :)

On a random note.... can you guys believe that Christmas is only ONE WEEK AWAY!?!?! WHHHHAT!?!?  I can NOT!  What is so crazy to me is for "all these years" I have always made a huge "vacation" out of Christmas-- I have family all over the world which makes for fun travel!  In school and college I always had time off to travel and see most all of my family.  When I had a job I scheduled my vacation so I could continue in this tradition-taking nearly 2 weeks off.  Not this year.  Things are different for our little family this year.  The hubs will be working on Christmas Eve (tear) and will only have a couple of days off.  Thanks for the airlines and their wonderful "Deals" around the holidays it would have cost us about $800 dollars for the 2 of us to fly home for that short of a period of time.  No. Thank. You.  I LOVE my family dearly and would do almost anything to be with them but seriously... 800 bucks. NO!  We are going to plan a trip early Jan or Feb to make it out of state to see his side of the family and some of mine... hey-- what better than spreading Christmas out for several months...right!!??! :)
We are ECSTATIC that we ARE going to have some time to spend with family, and we couldn't be happier that my parents and some of my family are within driving distance of us.  I am super excited that we will get to be with them for Christmas this year.  I can not remember the last year that we had Christmas morning together at their house.  Unfortunately, we will have to be driving late Christmas Eve and miss one of my favorite Christmas traditions, the Candlelight Christmas Eve Church Service, oh well it will all be worth it in the end!  I cant wait to see my cousins, aunt and uncle, grandma(s), -- most of who have yet to meet K-- and my parents and my 2 beautiful sisters!!! We are SO incredibly BLESSED to have so much family EVERYWHERE that love us so much.  It really is a hard thing to explain the great feeling it is when you have nearly 200 immediate family members, all of who love and care for us both deeply and dearly! (Hence why we are inviting 500 people to our wedding! ha!- yes we are nuts :-P)

Anyways... YAY for family and YAY for Jesus being born! :) Happy Almost-Friday!! :)

Also, real quick-- what did yall get the men in your life for Christmas??? This seems SO HARD every year- especially my dad... Help please!?! :)


  1. Ahhh...I'm so glad you found me through Stil...because I'm already in love with your blog and I've only read the first post. We just sent out our save-the-dates (Tuesday). Can't wait to share them with the blog world. And we can totally talk wedding planning:)

    For Christmas shopping, I've gotten the fiance a watch, a pair of jeans, a jersey of one of his favorite football players and a few little things (I was going to get him concert tickets but got the jersey instead). For my pops I got him a new coffee pot (and I'll probably get him a few little things). And for the bro, I got him a snuggie, some books, a few movies...boring, I know.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend.


  2. ackkkk where were your heads on ordering the STD?! hahaha and when I see that I think of Stone Temple Pilots.

    You forgot you get to spend my bday with me! Well bday celebration. So excited to see you!!

  3. This weekend we were in Sugar Land and saw my parents get their STD first. Then we came home and realized that we had the same STD! We love them! haha So excited!


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