Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OH OH! and How could I Forget... SAVE THE DATES!

OH OH!! How could I have forgotten to post about what we spent the last few nights doing... We finally ordered our SAVE-THE-DATES!!!!!!! YAAAAY!! We are both SOO excited!!! On top of that we have been working on our wedding web-site which has been lots of fun- K has done most of the work so I'm not going to take all the credit there ha! Do any of ya'll have wedding websites? I would love to see them! Also, where did everyone register?  Looking for ideas here... Thanks for all the help :)


  1. I think you have seen ours it was very easy to set up. The old folks especially like the wedding websites. I don't think they've seen many and get really impressed when they visit. We registered at Crate and Barrel and Bed Bath and Beyond. Great experiences at both. Everything I have heard says to steer clear of Target. Even though it's available to everyone (a bonus) they make it really difficult in the case of duplicate gifts and won't let you return things without a gift receipt which very few people actually include.

  2. I'm going to echo Erin on Target... I just wouldn't go there! :) But Bed Bath and Beyond is good! :) And we also registered at Dillard's, too, for our china, wilton ware (which is pretty cool) and some table linens.

    I would talk to your momma about things to register for, too. Especially with y'all being in a house it's good to register for things that you might not need now... but could need later on down the line. Mom's are good help with that! :) Things like cake stands and punch bowls and stuff that you probably won't buy but are nice when you're hosting Christmas parties or showers or things.

  3. wait what is your wedding site and how come i have not seen it?


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