Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sad Sad Day... RIP Cheddar

Well earlier today I had planned on writing about my fun, exciting, night KJ and I had last night.
I guess I will still do that, but,  before I do I am going to post to you about some sad news that I got this evening. I figure at least I can end on a positive note. I guess technically these are two totally different posts so instead of ending a good note I will post another entry as soon as I am done with this one... sorry. I'm kind of all over the place tonight, unfortunately.

So KJ and I were sitting around, I was cleaning up around the house and he was working on some job app's when my phone rang and it was my mom. I knew something was wrong when she answered the phone, I asked how she was and she responded "okay"...
We have had a wonderful kitty at my parents house for the past 3 or 4 years that we have had since he was a tiny kitten. His name is Cheddar and he is the most loving and wonderful cat that you have ever met. He is friends with everyone and always greets guests at our house with a warm welcome. He purrs more than any cat I have ever met and would never hurt a soul... that is, unless you touch his big fat belly. ha! Well he always enjoys going outside and if you don't let him out he will sit patiently at the back door and meow until you do. Last night was no different. My mom let him out just like she always does and after just a few minutes my mom hears hissing and meow's and cry's from the back door (that sounded like a cat fight according to her). She immediately goes outside and starts calling his name, while the noise continues. All the calling and no Cheddar. Sometimes when our cats go outside they get in fights like that and then come back in the house a few minutes later... but not this time. :( Mom waited up till 3am and he never came home. Sometimes when we start the car or slam the car door he will come back to the house if he has been outside and mom even tried this approach late last night... all to no avail :( She finally went to bed and this morning asked around with the neighbors if they had seen Cheddar (he would sometimes hang out at their house) and they had not. Well this afternoon when my sister Aud came home from school she and mom took a walk on the creek behind our house where the sounds came from last night (Cheddar was Aud's kitty from basically Ched's birth). They walked around the creek with our dog, calling the cats name and he was nowhere to be found. Later they came across a small amount of fur that looked like Cheddars and some small organs that looked like a heart or liver (sorry for being vulgar- don't worry I am not going to talk in detail about this).
We still do not know exactly what happened but we are guessing that maybe a Coyote got ahold of him. I would love to think that he is merely injured and will be back home in no time but we all know the reality of this is not true. :( Sorry for the super sad news but I just needed to get the emotion off my chest. I love yall for listening!
Cheddar we love you and will miss you forever!!

Cheddar and another kitty in the house Shasta (named after the Univ of Houston Cougar)

best of friends :) *cuddling & cleaning each other*


  1. hope your kitty is okay :) I'm new to blogging too and just came across yours :)

  2. Aww... poor Shasta doesn't have her brother/best friend. I feel sad for the kitty and family.

  3. That is the saddest thing I have ever heard. I am so so so so sorry!

  4. thank you all sooo much!! it is still soo sad. :(

  5. Poor Cheddar. I really liked him and he was a good cat. I hope he's ok some where.


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