Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friendly Weekend!

Hello Wednesday.  Goodness I can not believe that it is already Wednesday and I have not updated since Friday! Well for the weekend wrap up:
Some of our wonderful friends came in town this weekend, Erin and her hubby.  She is new to blogging so you should check out her blog :)  Anyways, we ALWAYS love it when we have friends come in town but this weekend was exceptionally fun! Erin and I are childhood friends who don't get to see near enough of each other!  Well Friday night as they were arriving we met them at Cuba Libre- one of my fav. places to eat and hang out.  It was the first place that I took K on his first visit to Texas.  We enjoyed a nice dinner, some yummy Mojitos, and some wonderful company!  We had not seen each other since their wedding but we picked right up where we left off.  It ended up being a rather late night so we ended it promptly when we got home.
Saturday morning we slept in (yee-haw!) and then ate some breakfast and exchanged gifts.  We got a great new crock-pot (which we needed) that I am very excited about putting to work and a recipe book for all crock-pot recipes-so neat!.  K had to work which was no fun so Erin and Brian and I all went downtown Denton to "square" and looked around at lots of neat shops, and antique shops.  We had a great lunch at the well-known "Denton County Burger" and I do believe that they were impressed- I'm not going to lie- it is a great burger!! (I'm sure I have posted about this before).  When Brian was younger he used to live in the area and so we then went to find his old house which we did.  It was a lot of fun listening to his excitement as he reminisced about "the good ol days" and.... "so-and-so lived here," and "this is where I saw such-and-such movie for the first time" and "this is where I broke my first bone."  It really was a lot of fun and brought back some of my childhood memories as well! When we left there we came back to the house and laid around watching Christmas movies, and for some reason we were all so exhausted that we opted for nap time :)  Later that evening K got off work and we went to the Gaylord Texans "ICE" exhibit.
About "ICE":
In mid-October, 40 master artisans will travel to Gaylord Texan’s location in Grapevine, Texas from Harbin, China – otherwise know as the world’s “ice city” for its spectacular outdoor ice sculpture displays. Transforming 5,000 blocks of ice weighing TWO MILLION POUNDS into the city of Who-ville will take the carvers approximately 30 days. From the Grinch’s frozen mountaintop lair and 20-foot high slides to a variety of family photo opportunities and the picturesque Who-ville including feasting Who’s and Max the dog, the enchanting attraction will make more hearts than just the Grinch’s grow three times in size. 
IT WAS AMAZING!! Seriously, you should make a visit if you live in the Dallas Area!
Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera... BUT ERIN DID! :) So those pics will come as soon as I get them from her.  Oh and did I mention we nearly froze to death! It was NINE DEGREES in there!! and we were in there for THIRTY MINUTES!!!!! BRRR!!! (so fun though!)

Unfortunately the company had to leave and the hubs had to go to work yet again... BUT when we finally woke up after sleeping in.... we went into the living room to find that Saint Nicholas had visited us!!! If you are not familiar with the tradition, every year on December 6th it is "Saint Nicholas Day" and St. Nick comes and fills the shoes of the household with lots of little goodies (like you would a stocking).  Erin is the sweetest thing for doing this for us and it totally made our day.

Well thats all for the weekend but I did want to update you on Matt and his recovery. His recovery in the hospital has been extended and there is still no word on the biopsy but results are expected middle of this week. Please check out that website for all of the details and as always, please remember him in your prayers!  
Also, some news on the job front for me... I had an interview with a rather large bank yesterday and that went extremely well.  It was a group interview which was weird, and I had never done anything like that before but like I said it went well (besides it taking 2+hours!).  We were told to expect to hear something in 3-10 days ... well guess what?! I got a call back today saying that one of the branch managers wanted to interview me on Friday (this is after filling out an online application, getting through that screening, being asked to a phone interview, getting through that, and then getting through the group interview and getting through that).  I am hopeful that this means that I have the job ... but I'm not 100% sure so keep praying for that.

Well I guess I will let that be all for tonight.  Man I am so happy its cold outside but these chapped lips are not my friend.  :( ha!

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  1. Congrats on getting through all those interview processes - that's tough! I recently did a group interview (to get into grad school) - egh! I love your new layout!


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