Friday, June 3, 2011

are you a planner?

(for some reason this didn't post yesterday so now its a day late, oh well...)
This school year has abruptly come to an end.  I said goodbye to my kiddos yesterday and my friends today.  Now summmeeer time!!

The planner that I have been using for the past year has been the Baylor Student planner... for several reasons:
1. yes, I love baylor that much!! Sic em!!
2. i think it was only around $6 or $8 dollars.
and last
3. because I was teaching I wanted a "academic calendar"versus a traditional calendar.

I have loooved my super dooper awesome baylor planner but I think now that I am entering into the life of mommy-hood I want a little something more. So here is where I need your help....

(this is a joke... I can't imagine carrying this around!)

I know that many of you are more of a "planner" than I could ever be (insert jealousy...) and you probably have a WAY cool planner that you use to keep your life organized so I'm asking that you SHARE with me what planner you have or wish you had... no few limits here because I have no idea what I'm even looking for!(not too small, not too large-- something I can throw in the purse or diaper bag when I'm on the go!)

I do know that I don't want something as small as this one... I have way too much going on for that cute thing ha

I can't wait to see what you use! :) Please share!! :)

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  1. So I have very few of them just happens to be school supplies and anything that keeps me organized! That being said I was always on the hunt for the perfect planner. I ended up finding it at, of all places, Wal-Mart!!! It is a Blue Sky Planner and has weekly as well as monthly pages! I LOVE IT! It's the perfect planner. I HIGHLY recommend it!!! Plus they're cute and about $15 :-) If you can't find them at your Wal-Mart then you can order online!!! After I found this planner I told several of my teacher friends and now we all use them! :-) Hope this helps!


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