Thursday, June 23, 2011

have you jumped on the bandwagon?

I have no idea what I am doing but so far I am having fun!! 

I finally jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon... you can find me @ 
(don't judge me... I'm just getting started ;) )

Do you Pinterest? I would love to follow you!! 


On a totally different note-- I found this website tonight and I am in love!! If you are expecting (or expecting to be expecting soon) they have some great ideas for nurseries and DIY inspiration! Go look!


  1. I have gone there for some time. But.... here's what I don't get. Why join?? Are there benefits for joining? Do you buy the stuff like Etsy? lol Soo many questions. Sorry.

  2. I've considered joining, but I'm still confused about it! Maybe I should just jump in and do it!!! How do you join? Do you need to be "Invited"? I heard that somewhere...

  3. I just joined!!!


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