Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How did we find out?

I just realized that I have still not posted a blog about how we found out we were expecting!!
Crazy now that I am 6 MONTHS along (and I still haven't done this weeks update... i just can't seem to catch up and stay caught up... that coming soon)
Anyways, I have a private blog where I posted the following on January 26th 2011... Here goes... {we were and are sooo happy and blessed!}


So since this is not public knowledge I am secretly posting this in my personal blog!! Because I obviously need a place to document one of the happiest days of my life

So here's the story-

A little background on how far along I am and how we found out..
I have been keeping an eye on my symptoms this month mainly because I am just trying to get in touch with my body and I knew that we have not been preventing pregnancy so it was a possibility.  This whole week I have had a super hard time sleeping through the night- I have been waking up from once to 4 or more times during the night and I have been having crazy dreams.  I also have been super stopped up (nose congestion) so I don't know if that has something to do with that either.  Starting about 2 days ago I have started having a super sore back/ back pain- right under my rib cage on my back-- this has never happened to me before so I was curious.  Yesterday morning I took my first HPT and it at.all.  I'm talking the control line didn't even show.  Afterwards I was so frustrated because it was then time to go to work.  So this morning I decided I would test again.  Well it was from the same pack as the test that didnt work yesterday so I was skeptical from the get-go.  The control line- check!  The pregnant line... well it was barely there and I'm talking BARELY! ha! I didn't know what to think... I hear a line is a line but I kept second guessing myself about the test being a dud like the one yesterday.  So this afternoon, I pick up 2 more tests.  One- regular, one-digital.  BUT I decided to hold onto the test until I presented the first one to hub's.
He got home from work and after a tiny bit of small talk our conversation went a little something like this...
Me: Hey, wanna see something?
K: yea, sure.  what is it?
Me: well come here....
Me: {as I present him with the test from this morning}... I think I'm pregnant. 
K: oh really?
Me: yea......... but i'm not sure......... so i bought some more tests....... want me to take one?
K: if you want
Me: okay....
You get the idea... So the test showed up similar to the one from this morning.  Barely there. Hubby isnt convinced- he says, "Maybe its always like that".  I disagree but tell him that I have a digital that came with that one if he wants me to try it.  He does. So I try it. and guess what... well it didnt work either!!!! There was supposed to be a little timer thing that shows up after 30 seconds to say the test is working correctly-- but that never happened! ugh! Very Frustrated with a capital F!  So by this time its time for K to go hang out with his friend Jake.  K still isnt convinced so I tell him that after he leaves I am going to go buy ANOTHER digital.  I get home and immediately take it.  Well good news, the control "hourglass" works right away as stated it would.  The results are to appear "within 3 minutes."  Well right at one minute- I read, "PREGNANT!" :)
YIPPEEE!!!! My friend Heather texts me asking if I found out ( I had called/ texted her this morning curious about what exactly a "faint" line meant) so I told her what it said.  She was thrilled!!!!
So I email K the picture (remember he's out with friends) and text him saying to check his email. His response, "Snapple" haha
And that was that!!
I headed over to my friend Mel's house to surprise her (Mel is Jakes wife) who has been married just about as long as I we have been and is also Trying to Conceive :) {and is now also expecting!!!} We are trying to wait as much as we can to tell everyone until after a Doc's apt!

So there yah have it!! And just for fun check out the tests :)
{and of course blogger isnt letting me upload pics... ugh!}


  1. Aww!!! :-) Such a cute little story! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is so sweet! I love it:)


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