Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things I wish I were better at....


blogging (and keeping up with it)

finishing reading a book

cooking (i'm SO craving THIS right now!!)


making crafty things...diy? (project for this summer: learn how to make hair-bows!)
from Etsy


saving money/ sticking to a budget

organizing and staying organized

{and} getting rid of things.  I am seriously so bad at this...

there you have it... do you think I can perfect some skills this summer??? we shall see :)

{all pics from google images unless otherwise noted}


  1. OMG that Baylor Bow is SO CUTE! I need to learn how to make those next ;-) If I can make mine as cute as that one I'll send you one! :-)

  2. you totally need to learn to make bows, then you can save some money (and maybe even sell them & make some extra ha)!

    sorry I never responded about where we are in relation to your beach vacation - things have been crazy, but we're about an hour from MB just in case you are there again ... plus I love an excuse to get to the outlets in Myrtle!

    don't try to be too perfect this summer - relax while you can :)

  3. If you don't get better at saving this summer...I hope I do. Thats something I need to work on as well:)

  4. You can do it! But make sure to relax, too!

  5. oh girl, don't we all wish we were better at those things!! :) don't beat yourself up!


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