Monday, June 27, 2011

Nursery Inspiration!!

For many weeks months (lets be honest... before we knew we were expecting... ha) I have "browsed" tons of sites for nursery ideas.  I am one of those who has a huge folder on my computer with images and of course a bookmarked folder with tons of websites of pretty girlie nurseries! 
For some reason nothing has POPPED out at me as a ... MUST HAVE... I have debated on the idea of some bright colors, of course I LOVE LOVE LOVE aqua with all my heart and originally I wanted a nursery painted in aqua but very pastel-ish... 
sorta like this: 
and then I would bounce to wanting something more "girlie" and "fru-fru-ish" if yah know what I mean... and then back to the aqua colors... and so on.  I just could not for the life of me make up my mind.  (not that I miraculously have now either ha!) 

To be completely honest I haven't really dedicated a whole lot of time to browsing... I would do a little here and a little there.  I guess being that we are no longer in our house makes things a little different.  There were things that I would do to my home that I just don't feel comfortable doing in a temporary place of dwelling (if I lost you see my post about moving).  For instance-- I love me some chairrail height beadboard (sorta like the pic below)... and I love having a painted room... or accent walls...(not necessarily pink...)
Anyways, with me getting to be so near the end (um hello I only have 15 weeks to go!! eek! yay!!) I have been dying to at least get some solid ideas on to the drawing board.  Today, I have spent a TON of time (not going to admit quite how long ha) searching websites and blogs trying to narrow down the search.

I am happy to say that I do believe I have a good idea of what I want... let me shut my peeper and just show you the images! :) Brace yourself.. there are quite a few ;)

restoration hardware

rest. hardware again
 and when she is older... we can transform into: 

(next 4 pics from the same room)
found here



bedding only (from above pics)
and I have to admit when I started this post I was completely convinced that I wanted a grey/pink nursery but noooow.... I'm also considering these below... 

LOVE this but its out of my price range even on sale!

NOT with these walls or pink crib... too much!   Found here

Now, here is a question for you... do you think there is anyway to incorporate the green into the pink & grey decor we have going on in the above pics?? I am terrible at design so I can use all the help I can get.  What do you think? Or do you like one better than the other? 
Please, let me know! 
Oh and just because I'm ending this post doesn't mean that there won't be another post with more ideas needing your feedback ha! :) 
I love you all for helping me decide! :-D


  1. totally LOVE the pink/grey look. :)

  2. I love your ideas! I think you could definitely pull off the grey/pink/green design! Here's some more inspiration:

  3. I definitely think you could do grey/pink/green combo, especially if you do a soft grey on the walls - the pink & green can be your "pop" colors in the room :) I may questionably be more excited about planning a baby's room than having the baby in the (long, distant) future haha!

  4. I love the aqua, or pink and green, or white and pink with toille bedding. Not so much pink and grey but those pics are pretty. You have it so much harder than we did! Having a boy and only a few weeks to set up a nursery in a new house made it easy to just pick a set from BRU and call it good.


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