Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100 Days!!

Lots of milestones and anniversary's to celebrate!
What a crazy fun milestone! 
100 days ago , today, we welcomed a sweet little bundle of joy!
my sister and I the night before Raleigh Grace's arrival :)
 (is it bad that this picture sorta-kinda makes me miss pregnancy :-P)
getting ready to meet Little Miss!
Welcome to the world, Raleigh Grace!  What a BEAUTIFUL, sweet girl :)

100 days old! 
all smiles 
her new favorite thing- arching her back! 

I can NOT believe how quickly the time is flying! I love you to the moon and back Miss Raleigh Grace!!

Want to see a picture of her everyday since birth? 
WELL, you, my friend, are in luck!! I am in the process of getting caught up on her "Project 365"- a picture a day for the first year of her life! Stay tuned as I will be posting those as I get them completed :)


  1. She's Darling :-) Can't wait to see your 365!!!!

  2. She is precious. Time flies! We got partnered up for the V Day blog swap. (I emailed you). :-)

  3. i like the 100 days milestone! gonna have to do this too!

    she's precious


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