Monday, January 9, 2012

Where to begin hodgepodge....

{you're still here!?! I'm thankful yet surprised!!!}

Sooo much has been going on that I really have no idea where to even begin.  If you are friends with me on facebook you probably have a better idea than even I do! ha ...
These last 3+ weeks have been a blur and there is so much that I want to blog about and don't know where I am going to find the time...
I mean really, I never even blogged about picking out our first Christmas tree or even our six or seven Christmas for that matter... or New Years...
Oh and Christmas Cards/Birth Announcements... yup I ordered them but they are still sitting in my bedroom waiting to be addressed! Yikes... they even read, "Merry Christmas" on them... are people going to judge me if I still send them out!? They are really too cute not to ha!
Oh and last week we were on vacation and have SO many adorable pics from our trip that I want to share.
And my blog... I'm ready for a new look...a new design maybe?
Oh and my daughter... she is almost 3 months old! YIKES! and I am SOO behind on her updates :(  I MUST catch up!! She is 12 weeks old today!

Okay... so where to begin... we shall see... I promise I am trying! {can I blame the fact that sweet girl, myself AND hubby have been sick all week for my lack of blogging?! }

Here is a short video of my sweet girl to keep you content until the blog posts become more regular (which will be soon I hope because hubby surprised me with a new laptop when he came home from work today that is 999x's faster than my ancient one from the 90's ... kidding... sort of.)

Oh and Happy New Year since I have been m.i.a since before then... :)

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