Friday, January 27, 2012

RG by the Week: 14 Weeks!

no clue, and I just realized today that her next dr. apt isn't until SIX months! Holy Cow, kinda makes me sad-- I love getting her stats (but I'm not missing giving her the dreaded shots)! I am going to have to make a point of weighing her on my own at home.

More giggling-- specifically when I'm pulling clothes over her head :-P
She is arching her back a TON-- sometimes when holding her she almost flips out of your hands if you aren't holding on good.  She is really on the move and her name "squirmy wormy" really does apply.  She's getting better at sucking her thumb/ hands. She LOVES sucking/chewing on her hands! At the mall on Wednesday, she kept loosing her passy and every time I noticed it she would already be going to town either sucking or chewing on her thumb. 

I pumped ONCE this week ha! 
She is eating every 2 hours (and sometimes every hour and a half!!!) when awake- I hope this is just a growth spurt. During the nights, every 4ish hours... I'm missing the good sleep I used to get!

Obviously, from previous statement, I am sleeping less and so is Miss RG.  I think this has something to do with her growing (fingers crossed!)... I really think she is just waking up to eat because after I feed her she goes right back to sleep... I just miss those 6 or 7 hours of sleep we had been getting before Christmas. sigh. 
She knows when we put her in her bouncer that it means bedtime.  She gets really upset and cries at first but within seconds she is usually okay with her passy in her mouth.  Sunday was the first night she got to "feeling better" from her cold- she slept 7 hours, then the rest of the nights this week went downhill as far as sleep but she is done with her antibiotics and feeling great I think. 

I love watching her! Whether it be smiles, stares, or sad faces she just amazes me! I love watching her grow and learn.  She really is the most entertaining girl ever! She is the sweetest thing and I just love her!  She is awesome at keeping herself happy and self-soothing.  Whether we are putting her down to sleep or just hanging in her swing, she keeps herself happy.  (even though I never put her down when I'm home, haha, if she's awake I feel like I should be playing/entertaining her, haha)  
She loves fussing and grunting.  At first we thought it was only when she was mad/needing something but now, I really believe she just enjoys vocalizing.  She still coo's and I could watch her all day. She loves to do her big wide gummy smiles that just melt my heart!  She's playing more (with her playmat and rattles on her car seat) kicking them and grabbing for them.  Like I said earlier, she giggles sometimes when I am pulling her clothes over her head :) still no LAUGH though in my opinion.
When she starts fussing she is now saying MAAAMAH! (aka Mama!) I totally know and understand that shes not doing it on purpose but sometimes I pretend she is and a lot of times it actually makes sense... ha!

kicking the toys

chewing and sucking on her hands while playing

DADDY, when daddy comes home and greets her, bath time (man can she splash like crazy... I can't put as much water in the tub anymore because she makes a huge mess!), laying on her playmat and grabbing/kicking the toys, smiling, CHEWING on anything and everything she can get her hands on (hair, clothes, bibs, fingers, hands, etc), reading books, standing, sitting up, tv (sigh)- specifically football, looking at phones, computers or any sort of technology, being talked to, being kissed, playing dress up with mommy!, looking at herself in the mirror, sucking her thumb (and sometimes sticking a finger up her nose ha!), blowing bubbles with her mouth, being held.
playing with Daddy
such a big girl! she loves standing
being held by her GREAT grandma
Being held by her GREAT grandpa

Still a mix between newborn and 0-3... its so funny to me that so many of her 0-3 swallow her yet others are a great fit.  Most of her newborn clothes are getting too small but mommy is trying to get in "one last wear".... I just can't believe its time to be packing them up!  Diaper- I think we've purchased our last box of newborns :( 

Favorite Moments:
EVERYTHING. (seriously) Her pouty lip I never see anymore and her cute "butt stretch" she does when she wakes up is becoming rare.

Most Challenging
Me getting re-adjusted to a little less sleep and feeding her what seems like ALL the time.  Those hour and a half times between feedings sure takes a toll on me!
Wednesday night she had a rough night (could it have been all the shopping we put her through and the Chinese food I had for lunch?)  Poor girl was having tummy issues, she probably spit up 7+ times after one feeding and had bad gas, too! :(  She was a little fussy all evening from that and perhaps from being sleepy as well. We gave her a bath and for the first time she cried :( It was PITIFUL! 

even during the challenging times, this face always makes it all better!

Looking Forward to:
a REAL, GOOD, Laugh!

everyone says this looks just like her daddy :)

Mommy Moments:
Getting over my cold finally!! Although, Wednesday, I wasn't feeling great a little nauseous- not sure if it was from the pizza we had for dinner (it was major garlic-y, or the chinese food we had for lunch).  Wednesday K took me shopping and I FINALLY got a nursing bra that ACTUALLY FITS!! The first place turned me away bc they didn't have "my size if you know what I mean lol.  They sent me to a speciality shop where I found one that FIT!! Even though it was over 70 dollars I was sooo excited! K even said, "you act like you're really excited about a new bra!" ha! Boy did he nail that on the head haha!
Ladies- if you don't have a bra that REALLY fits you, go get one! Not only is it way worth every penny, it will change-your-life!! :)
Welp, good news and bad news! AF decided to come this week... I wasn't ready for her but I guess it means that things are back to "normal" as far as my body goes... Also, my hair is stillllll falling out in clumps. yuck!
On a positive note, I went to the mountains for a day trip with RG to see my mom's parents and their side of the family! We had a great visit with a beautiful sunset!

my mom swinging RG

the beautiful sunset
view from inside :)

Saying MAMA!!! :) (see above if your confused on how a 14 week old can talk!)
She noticeably "giggled" when I was pulling her shirt over her head twice in one day... She loves playing dress up with mommy ;)
First time playing soccer &
swinging in a porch swing :) (See above photo's)

playing soccer at our friends house 
our God-daughter helping RG learn to play soccer :) 
and she shoots....
and she scores :)

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  1. ok so seriously DITTO to literally everything! ha! Our sleep has MAJORLY gone downhill as well! she's the same as RG though, she goes right back to sleep after eating!


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