Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Year Ago...

See I told you {yesterday} there were lots of fun anniversaries coming up! :) hehe

One year ago, today, K and I found out that I was pregnant!! We could not have ever been more excited!  You can read how I revealed this information to the blog world {here}!!

I can not believe how much our lives have changed for the better in the past year and I am looking forward to ALL the years to come! :) 

I often look at this sweet little girl looking back up at me and have a "moment" where my eyes tear up and I just Thank God for her and for blessing us with such a sweet, healthy baby girl! 

And because I don't think I have actually shared HOW we found out... I think now would be a great time.  If I have previously posted this please forgive me :)

This is from my private blog, the day we found out! 

So here's the story-
several months ago I switched from my insurance to KJ's insurance.  Well... come to find out my new insurance did not cover the BC that I had been on .  My wonderful doctors office worked with me to get several months of samples to hold me through until we got it worked out with the insurance.  It never got worked out so basically I was left with no BC right before Christmas time.  Thats when K and I talked and decided that I would just stay off of it and let God do his work :). 
A little background on how far along I am and how we found out..
I have been keeping an eye on my symptoms this month mainly because I am just trying to get in touch with my body and I knew that we have not been preventing pregnancy so it was a possibility.  This whole week I have had a super hard time sleeping through the night- I have been waking up from once to 4 or more times during the night and I have been having crazy dreams.  I also have been super stopped up (nose congestion) so I don't know if that has something to do with that either.  Starting about 2 days ago I have started having a super sore back/ back pain- right under my rib cage on my back-- this has never happened to me before so I was curious.  Yesterday morning I took my first HPT and it at.all.  I'm talking the control line didn't even show.  Afterwards I was so frustrated because it was then time to go to work.  So this morning I decided I would test again.  Well it was from the same pack as the test that didnt work yesterday so I was skeptical from the get-go.  The control line- check!  The pregnant line... well it was barely there and I'm talking BARELY! ha! I didn't know what to think... I hear a line is a line but I kept second guessing myself about the test being a dud like the one yesterday.  So this afternoon, I pick up 2 more tests.  One- regular, one-digital.  BUT I decided to hold onto the test until I presented the first one to hub's. 
He got home from work and after a tiny bit of small talk our conversation went a little something like this...
Me: Hey, wanna see something?
K: yea, sure.  what is it?
Me: well come here....
Me: {as I present him with the test from this morning}... I think I'm pregnant. 
K: oh really?
Me: yea......... but i'm not sure......... so i bought some more tests....... want me to take one?
K: if you want
Me: okay....
You get the idea... So the test showed up similar to the one from this morning.  Barely there. Hubby isnt convinced- he says, "Maybe its always like that".  I disagree but tell him that I have a digital that came with that one if he wants me to try it.  He does. So I try it. and guess what... well it didnt work either!!!! There was supposted to be a little timer thing that shows up after 30 seconds to say the test is working correctly-- but that never happened! ugh! Very Frustrated with a capital F!  So by this time its time for K to go hang out with his friend Jake (they had already planned a "guys night").  K still isnt convinced so I tell him that after he leaves I am going to go buy ANOTHER digital.  I get home and immediately take it.  Well good news, the control "hourglass" works right away as stated it would.  The results are to appear "within 3 minutes."  Well right at one minute- I read, "PREGNANT!" :) 
YIPPEEE!!!! My friend Heather texts me asking if I found out ( I had called/ texted her this morning curious about what exactly a "faint" line meant) so I told her what it said.  She was thrilled!!!!
So I email K the picture (remember he's out with friends) and text him saying to check his email. His response, "Snapple" haha
And that was that!!
I headed over to my friend Mel's house to surprise her (Mel is Jakes wife) who has been married just about as long as I we have been and is also Trying to Conceive :) We are trying to wait as much as we can to tell everyone until after a Doc's apt!
in other fun news... if you haven't checked out my post from yesterday, RG is now ROLLING OVER! Go {here} to watch the video :) 

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