Friday, January 13, 2012

"7 Christmases" 2011: Part 1

K and I (and RG) have both been blessed with very large families which makes the holidays SUPER fun (no sarcasm here... okay maybe a little ha) !  Luckily everyone is pretty understanding of the fact that we are in HIGH demand and we can't be everywhere at once.  This year our Christmas was 7 fun parts! I am going to do a little re-cap {almost a month later} of all of the 7 "Christmases" complete with pictures, in 7 different posts.  {because one post would take me too long to finish and it itself would be too long}

Part One: 
Sonja's (my stepmom) side of the family.  We enjoyed an early (Dec 20) Christmas dinner at none other than Logan's Roadhouse.  We had a great time enjoying each others company and some good food! Of course RG stole the spotlight again.  

RG with her great aunt, Helen
Helen, RG and Sonja
Sonja, her brother and my cousin
all the men, can't you tell they are having a blast ha!

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