Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Three Months!!

Today marks a HUGE milestone in our home... Miss. Raleigh Grace is now THREE months old!! How in the world is she already 1/4 a year old!? Each day keeps getting better and better and we fall more in love with our baby girl everyday!! We love you sooo very much, Raleigh Grace, and are enjoying every. single. second. with you!

If you want to see what RG has been up to this month you can check out the 13 week update I posted yesterday.  :)  She has grow and changed so much this month! I love watching her take in the details of her surroundings and her giggles and smiles that she shares with us almost every moment she is awake! She is getting physically strong and mentally strong! She can mimic facial expressions and actions and she can (with a little help) pull herself up (from the laying position) to a sitting position or a standing position! :)


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