Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the Move!

Not only did our sweet girl turn 100 days old today....
she also...
ROLLED OVER for the first time tonight! 

I was taking a shower and her Daddy was watching her play.  When I got out of the shower he, very nonchalantly, said, "she keeps on rolling over." I'm immediately like "WHAT!?! are you SERIOUS!?! " then he proceeds to say, "Oh, is this something new? I thought maybe you had been working with her." 

Oh the fun! I had been playing with her today, during her tummy time, but she showed no signs of rolling over yet!  He said that every time he put her on her belly and try to get a close up picture of her from the floor angle she would get really fussy, then flip onto her back and be content- playing/ chewing on the toys on her mat. K said that she did this about 9 times before I got out of the shower and acted like she had been doing it for weeks.  

I told him I didn't believe him so I grab my camera and demand he make RG show me her skills... and guess what... she did!! :) 

Here is my BABY girl who is now rolling over. I still can not believe she is actually doing this!! I am so proud of her but also sad at how fast these days are going by!!

I love this little girl so much!  

I love the little look she gives me at the end where she is like, 
"seriously mom, you doubted I could roll over... so not a big deal, I've been doing this for days!" haha

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  1. ahh SO exciting!!!!!!!! We're working SO HARD to roll over, not quite there yet! The video won't work...sad day!!! Can't wait to watch!


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