Monday, January 16, 2012

"7 Christmases" 2011: Part 2

Part 2: 
Christmas Eve-Eve.  My mom, step-dad and sister, Audrey.  My other sister was in Texas and to be quite honest, I still have her gift and its not even wrapped-- I promise you will get it soon ha!  We rushed this one a little as my parents were on their way back to the mountains to spend time with my mom's family (which we didn't get to celebrate with this year).  We opened our presents at our house and Audrey opened hers in the car ha!  

she loved her new tennis shoes :) 

audrey thought her gift was funny? She got the new Harry Potter DVD and some coasters (bc she told K she was collecting them and he remembered, she didn't. sigh)

RG got some beautiful new clothes! 
and some silly string... I never got the story behind that one? ha! my family is a hoot!

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